Hada Labo Cleansing Oil (Sponsored Review)

 People have been telling me that olive oil can be use to clean off makeup. 
However I don't believe.. is like using cooking oil to clean your face? What? That is sooo weird!! 
would you ever believe it? Cleaning off your foundation, powder even eye-liner and mascara with olive oil? 

This is how I feel about it! 

To me is GROSS!  

But!!!!  Hada Labo has come out with something awesome and with Olive Oil inside! 

New Hada Labo Cleansing Oil with High Purity Olive Oil
Superior Cleansing with Ultra Pure Olive Oil 
Very gentle, with no unnecessary additives (no fragrance, color, oil, alcohol)

So you don't need to buy cooking oil, you can just buy Hada Labo cleansing oil! 
I feel is much more safer =X 

As they like to say Olive oil is good for you and is good for the skin! Is all natural and is really healthy! 

So lets give it a try! 
Usually all make up remover will take out powder, foundation and those base. 
But what I am more interested in is eye-liner and mascara! 

So I'm trying with 
1. NYX Long pencil eye in white. 
2. Koji smooth crayon eye-liner
3. Majolica Majorca perfect automatic liner
4. Dolly Wink Long mascara. 

And here are the results! 
First try, without any rubbing just apply and with water! 

Results!!! Soso for me, since the only one that vanishes was the NYX white eye-liner and Majolica Majorca eye-liner  Looks like for eye-liner is easier to come out! but for Koji it smudges abit. 

This time with RUBBING! 
As I was rubbing there, some of the makeup was coming off already! 

Washing off time! 
and the end results! 

I would say is quite clean! Somehow the Koji one still didn't come off fully but the rest did. 
Stubborn eyeliner XD 

Overall I would give it a 3.5/5!! I have not try their other cleanser so I can't compare.
The feel of the product is really oily (duh is olive oil) And there is no smell at all! 
After wash my skin still feel smooth and soft so there is no bad after effect!

So are you interested in using olive oil to wash your face!! If you are, it is available exclusively at Watson nationwide at only $20.90! So gogo get it and see how olive oil can help your face. 

Do check out their facebook page! As they may be giving out free samples and have contest for it too! 

P.S :  Once again Thanks The Sample Store for this product! 


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