In my mind

Something that I need to put in my mind.
Because lately I seem to been regretting about something but I know I shouldn't. 
However I guess sometime I can't help it and you just get the feeling. 

I should learn how to stop thinking negative and start being positive! 
Because being positive is the way to go in life and is the way UP!  

and is true... Because I always wanted a perfect life.... Like dreaming of a perfect family.. 
The perfect relationship or friendship 
and other things that is perfect.. 

Well sad news to me there is no such thing as perfect. 

But yes! I want my life to be happy! Now I know that I do not want a perfect one but I want a happy one. 
Because is much better that way. 
If I keep my hopes too high I will just be put down by my disappointment.. 
Guess that's what been happening for more than 15 years of my life already. 
Is time for a change of mindset.. (know is going to be hard but I need to do it) 

I must let go of my past... I have been stuck there for ages and I never let it go
Why? probably because I am scared.. or maybe because I just don't want to move on. 

But is true, I can't change it neither can I erase it. 
It will always be part of me and it will always be there. ( unless someone brain wash me 8D?)
I need to learn my lesson and move on, I must not make the same mistake again because it will stupid. 
Now I feel if I learn all the mistake I did and never do them again I will be happier. 
My life will be much better then what it is now and it can be way better! 

Heard of the phrase "is greener on the other side" 
That was what I was thinking all along all the time. 
I always wanted to go across, jump there and never come back.

Since it always look greener I just wanted to try or just wanted it badly. 
Greed is such a bad sin.... :( 
Need to stop thinking about it because I am actually lucky and I am fortuned! 

Is all about the mindset and is all about the doing! Since is never too late for anything!! 
I will be a better person and make my life better than what it is now!  ^^


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