Wild Honey

What is one thing I want during weekends everytime... Is BRUNCH! 
Why? because I always oversleep but I love breakfast! I am a breakfast nut and I want to try everything!
Baby knows I love it and he brought me to Wild Honey

A cafe that server all day breakfast around the world! Totally for me 
Wild Honey ~ No place like home ~ 

Photo taken at their website bebcause it looks so good! 

They don't do reservation so is all walk in, someone will then bring you to a table. 
If you are lucky you can get a sofa seat! 
Our table happen to be at a cozy corner

Which have a nice view!!
Really like the place as it really have a homely feel there.
 The light is dim down and to me is somewhat like a cottage feel! 

The place have no menus as you can see the menus are those scribbles on the black board. 
So hence you have to place your order in the front! 
There was even a iPad for you to order, however we didn't get to use it as it was time consuming.
We were hungry!!!! since it was our first meal of the day hohoho. 

Something I really like, The pepper, the salt and the sugar. 
The salt was atucally place in a dish and is not like the normal white/sea salt. 
They look like crystals to me.
and the sugar cubes  I love sugar cubes because they are soo cute!!
Baby order a tea just to use them rofl! 

So first up our drinks. I order a hot chocolate and he order flower tea which came in a pot. 
The hot chocolate was average to me, is not really the best but it was not bad. 

Next come our breakfast set! I order the English which is "The classic full breakfast; creamy scrambled eggs, pork sausage, sauteed mushrooms, dad's baked beans, bacon and vine ripened tomato with toasted brioche." Really huge IMO..

I wanted to order the "I love New York - Softly scrambled eggs with caramelized onions and imported smoked sturgeon. Served with a toasted sesame bagel and our own cream cheese for a classic New York experience." But it was sold out and I couldn't get the chance to try it.. :( nevermind , next time I will! 

2 different view of the set. 
The mushroom and potato is actually hidden underneath the bacon and sausage. 

It was really nice and I totally love it!! The eggs was really good but I feel is not as good as Hatched.
What was really nice was the mushroom and potato, since you can't go wrong with bacon and sausages. 
If you do, you deserve to be shot!!!! 

Baby order the " European - Wild Honey's version of Eggs Benedict. Two perfectly poached eggs, sauteed mushrooms and prosciutto on toasted homemade brioche and hollandaise sauce" which looks really good too! 

The egg Benedict is hidden inside which was wrap with the prosciutto  Totally awesome! 
I am not really a big fan of egg Benedict but Baby said it was good.

That was our experiences at Wild honey having brunch!! I will totally go back and try the other dish, like "I love New York!!" or maybe The Tunisian. 
Would totally recommend people who want to have brunch any time of the day, or breakfast nut like me! 

Wild Honey
333A Orchard Road
#03-02 Mandarin Gallery
Tel: +65 6235 3900
Opening hours : 9am - 10.30pm 
Open at 8am on weekends.


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