Clear shampoo range (Sponsored Review)

Im sure many of you seen this logo before in supermarkets and stores!
and what's the one thing that gets to your mind?
Well for me is this. 

Awesome clear water for me to swim in.. 8D! Ok thats not what Im going to talk today. 

Im going to talk about Clear new product range! 
For anti hair fall and Cool Menthol! 

The sample store had sponsor me 4 bottles of clear shampoo to try out!!
IMO.... I really like the men bottle.. because is blue and so cool looking then the white one =X! 

If you are my reader, you should know I am suffering from hair problem :( sadly 
With dandruff and Hair lost!! Totally sucks! 
And the shampoo Im currently using now is SP. 
This time Im going to try clear once to see how is the effect!! 

So yea, I been suffering with my hair and is getting thinner because of hair lost! OH GOD! 

See the ends!! Ok I don't see any split ends... So Im happy for that.

First up the one which is meant for the ladies!~ 

CLEAR Anti hair fall! 
Retailing for $9.40 for 350ml and $14.30 for 700ml 

When you are showering and washing your hair, do you always have strains of hair on your fingers? I do..
And I will be like OMFG MY HAIR T-T!!!! 
Since my hair is already so thin I DUN WAN YOU TO DROP!! 

Well I feel that this shampoo effect is not really working yet. Well nothing work instantly. 
I guess I need to try a few more weeks to see if my hair fall offs. 
But I like the smell 8D!!~

Then there is also the
CLEAR Ice cool Menthol! 
Retailing for $9.40 for 350ml and $14.30 for 700ml 

Personally I LOVE THIS!! I love ice cool feeling on my hair!!! 
Everytime when I go to the salon and do a wash and blow I will ask for cold water.
Love the icy feeling!! 

It totally give an awesome cool and refreshing feeling!! You all should go and try it!! 
And why is it good? Because cold water help your hair!! 
and with this Ice cool menthol, it helps your hair even more!! 
When you have reddish scalp like me, This product will totally help you to calm it! 

and now for the MENS section. 
and Of course I didn't use it. Im not a guy!!!! 

My boyfriend is too busy to try it so my dad did!! 
Best thing I found out he even bought cool sport menthol one already when I went to his bathroom O-O! 

First up 
CLEAR Anti Hair Fall FOR MEN!!! 
Retailing for $10.30 for 350ml and $15.70 for 700ml 
(Ok don't ask me why men one is more expensive.. Is either because the bottle is blue or because is MEN) 

My dad said... He prefer his cool sport menthol one better, Is not bad but he don't need a anti hair fall shampoo right now. =X he is so confident that his hair won't fall off. 
and even if he did he wants to wear my wigs D8! 

Next is the 
CLEAR Cool Sport Menthol FOR MEN!!!
Retailing for $10.30 for 350ml and $15.70 for 700ml 

Yup My dad love this one, maybe because he already bought it and using it for a month already! 
Ask him what he think about it and he say

ooook So I ask him again. 

First thing : is the price... 
second thing : is Blue... =\ 
third thing :He saw the cool sport menthol. 

So why does he likes this one better then hair fall? 
"When I wash my hair, It feels like a bucket of ice on my head." 
Ok that's not really my reason but he likes it too!! 

But the main thing is the icy feeling is awesome and everyone should try it 8D! 

So now for all you Cuties out there reading this!~ 
Im sure some out there really want to try this shampoo, and the thing is is giving out free sample from 1st December onwards! 

and you can redeems any of these!

  • Female Clear Smooth & Manageable 
  • Female Clear Complete Soft Care 2in1 
  • Female Clear Dry Scalp & Itch Control 
  • Female Clear Anti Hairfall
  • Female Clear Ice Cool Menthol (GET THIS) 
  • Male Clear Cool Sports Menthol 
  • Male Clear Anti Hairfall 

and if you Cuties are bloggers.. YOU SHOULD REVIEW THEM!!! 
Submit your review to the sample store for any of the 7 type of shampoo and the 3 best review will walk away with a Clear product hamper worth $50 8D!!! 
Contest ends on 31st December 2011 SO GO TRY IT NOW!! 
The winner will be announced on facebook

So go try it and maybe your hair will be way better than before =D! 


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