Mentholatum Mogitate Kajitsu (Sponsored Review)

Hate dry or chips lips?? because I know I do... and recently I been having those problems! 
My lips is not perfect and I know many of you don't too. So what we need is actually a lip balm! 

So let me introduce you something which The sample store gave me the other day!~ 
The Mentholatum Mogitate Kjitsu.... << Long name right.
Basically is this awesome new lip blam by lipice!!! 

Check out this awesome ad! (Japanese and korea ads are always like that!! Thats what I notice!)
Oh look!! Cute guys =D!~ 

So this lip balm is the best selling lip blam in JAPAN (JAPAN FREAKS, YOU GOT TO HAVE THIS NOW) Because I know I got to 8D!~
And it is because it is made with real, natural fruit juice and honey. 
honestly, I have no idea how they did that but yea they did! Technology is crazy these days!

There is five flavours and they are... 
Lemon and Lime
White Peach 
Grape and Berry
Orange and mango 

So the one I receive is the orange and mango flavour! (I so want the strawberry one instead now =X) 

It smells and taste so good I feel like eating it! One thing I notice it that I keep licking my lips after I apply them on! 

After applying, the only difference is that there is a little shine to it. Nothing more~ 
but there is one thing awesome is that your lips taste really sweet now and smell too! 
( Girls, get this so that when a guy kiss you, they would want more because is sweet! =X) 
There is a bit of minty feel to it too and is really moist!

As you can see from the photo that my lips is chip now :( So Im going to apply this for 1 month and see the difference!!!

Overall, I like the product and I am going to continue using it and it will be more awesome if my boyfriend kiss me more because of this lip balm XD (wishful thinking =X)

So really wanna try this lip balm?? Good news! Because Lipice facebook page is giving out free samples!~ 
 Just go to that link, like it and then go and redeem your free sample! Simple as that! 
and also if you really wanna buy it now, here is some information!
It is only $5.90 each only at Watsons! 


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