Update on my challenge after a month+

So sorry everyone for not updating about my challenge
Got so busy with school and currently with my birthday planning! 
So this is an update for it! 

Ok I am very sien because somehow this diet.. made me moody for DAYS! 
I swear.. it totally made me emo, moody, moodless.. all the negative emotions. 

I guess is because I can't eat all my favourite food which is waffles, pancake.. cakes.. oh well you get the idea. 

So for my skin challenge, this is the new product I am using now. Is different from the my 40days skin challenge. As those was for redness and peeling. 
Currently, these are for acne and hydrating!!

New brand called Histomer, So this is for my acne. Using it twice a day. 

Next is a soothing cream which is for hydrating for my sensitive skin. (My skin became sensitive due to the different skincare I been using... so yea that is bad! And also I cannot put a lot of paper mask in a month or week.... it may help for some skin but it worsen mine instead)

There is also the cleansing gel which is really light and and smooth. Is also a make up removeral and is for sensitive skin too. Not oily at all, is not milk base.. More like gel base... but this is really good! 

Lastly, My facial wash, ultra soft cleanser, when pump out is foam. Looks like foam wash is the way to go. 
Really light and soft. I can really feel the difference from this product and the rest of the others. 

 The vitamin C I am currently taking, which is going to finish already. 
Really sour but no choice... This will help improve my skin condition and also the acne will heal faster! 

Next up my diet. So what do I usually eat at home? Since Im not really taking carbohydrates any more. (Really really very little intake... because is hard to avoid. Im like taking in 10 - 20% of my usual)

I eat a lot of fish, chicken and prawn with carrot sticks or salad. (sometime with egg white)

 So I went out to buy seasoning for the fish and chicken and these are what I got!
First 2 is for chicken, next 3 is for fish. bought many different kind so that I don't need to eat the same old thing every single day.. that will be SOOO boring!!!  
Currently trying to figure out more recipes to perk up my meals~ 

Something that baby found and is really good but pricey I think this cost around $10. 

 Kinda lazy to go and choose my own veggie so I saw these in supermarket and bought them! 
Ready made packs which have many different kind. Usually I choose this one. 

A typical meal, tried with black pepper seasoning this time with salad and baby carrots.

Also I am drinking this every single day! Don't think is only for old people since as for me I hated milk when I was young so I feel I do not have much calcium. So Im drinking this now and is really good! 
Not only that chocolate taste nice~ 

Breakfast I choose this!! One bar and Im off to go! Is quite sweet but is really nice XD!! Something to choose me up too I guess. 

After taking this diet for around 1 month++ I realize that my body and habits has adapt to it. I seldom have much cravings of what I want and I don't get so emo and moody when I see cakes and dessert online any more. Is all about the will power!!! Is training me to resist!!! XD 
But yea, Now I look for more alternative when come to snacking when outside.. Usually try to find something that is not that fattening or something that is carbo. I will search for the nearest fruit or yogurt stall! 

As for face condition, these are the photos taken a week ago. 

After going for facial for a few days then I took this photos. Hence the redness. 
Usually my face take a week for the redness to go away after a facial. 
But is really good because it clears my face! 

Now left acne and blackheads, oily clogs are gone!!! thats good!! and also one thing I really want to cure is acne scars!! Those are the thing I hate the most! 

Weight wise... I lost around 2kg. I am around 53.5kg right now and fat percentage is still around 21% 
I guess because Im too stress from school. Need to keep on exercising and go to Hot yoga to sweat it out! 

Will post more soon!!!!! I have more motivation to make myself better now for the new year! 


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