Friday, 16 November 2012

Removing a ganglion cyst : First ever surgery

So last friday I had a surgery on my foot to remove a ganglion cyst at gleneagles hospital.
and it was my first time having a day surgery. like O-O totally scary!
I keep telling the doctor to put me to sleep because I do not want to suddenly wake up in the middle of the surgery and stare at a open hole on my foot! I WILL SCREAM!

I didn't really take photos because it will be stupid to do so.. My mom will think Im crazy and is scary to do so.
Only took this after the surgery and it hurts like shit! 

So what the hell is a ganglion cyst?
Anyone can have them and how you get it is unknown still. LIKE SCARY RIGHT!
And just nice I got it on my foot right on my nerve! So it hurts like crazy! 
ok so this will be easier to tell you what isit since I taken it from somewhere! 
A ganglion cyst is normally associated with one or more of the following symptoms:
  • A noticeable lump – often this is the only symptom which is experienced.
  • It is typically soft, somewhere from 1 cm to 3 cm in width as well as it will not move.
  • Swelling can appear slowly or develop suddenly, can reduce in size, and can even disappear altogether, just to return at a later time.
  • A majority of these cysts do cause some amount of pain, frequently following an repetitive or acute trauma, but as many as 35% have no symptoms, except for cosmetic appearance.
  • The pain is usually nonstop, aching as well as made worse by joint motion.
  • When the cyst is linked to a tendon, you can feel a sensation of weakness in the affected foot.
  • If the cyst is touching a nerve there will be a sensation of tingling or burning.
  • There can be difficulty wearing shoes because of irritation between the lump and the shoe
This is for the leg but it usually happen on the wrist.
 and what suck is the only way to get raid of it is to surgery it.... or it may go off by itself..
but thats like only a small chance.
the chances of it getting bigger is HIGH! and somemore there a small chance that it may come back.

about the surgery... It was my first time and I was so scared! I keep asking the nurse if it will hurt or will I wake up. I told her I'm allergic to pain being desperate. oh well the only pain that I receive before the surgery was people poking me with needles.

What is the most scariest part?
Is either the part where you are on the surgery table and you can see the LIGHTS!!
you know these kind which is staring in your face and is like HOMG HUGE LIGHTS!

or else is the part where they are pushing you to the surgery room and you will be lying on the bed thinking about what is going to happen!
That part is scary... not fun at all.. wish they put me to sleep there....
didn't need to see all the passing lights to the surgery room.

so when they trasnfer me to the cold surgery table and started to cover me with at least 3 blankets o-o"  that was very nice of them because it was super cold. The doctor came in and started to talk to me. asking me what song I like.. so totally random!
but there is a reason.. because he started to put in a cd into this juke box.
and IT STARTED TO PLAY LINKIN PARK MUSIC!!! The newest album too!
and he told me that he can't hear these kind of music at home because his wife will kill him.
so erm ok doctor! The best place to play it next is in the surgery room .____."
Really hip doctor I will say.. I thought it will be some oldies music like The Beatles.
 but nooo it was FREAKING LINKIN PARK! calm myself a bit before I was put to sleep.

 I didn't know how the sleeping thing works.. I thought it was pills at first or a jab.
But it was on a drip and I was like staring at the other doctor jabing my hand.
which before I know it I was sleeping and the next time I was awake at the operation waiting area.
funny thing that I was crying and tearing when I woke up ._. I think my body felt the pain and I just cry like that. All I know is that I couldn't move an inch and I was just there laying flat.

So they push me to my ward and was so happy that baby was there waiting for me!
but there was only one thing in my head. WHEN IS THE NURSE GOING TO SERVE ME MY FOOD =X!
Somehow Im just a food nut! I love airplane food and I always want to try hospital food! Im crazy like that! Everyone keep telling me it taste like shit and is not edible.
But what I can say that sometime you are wrong! Is nice!!! I saw my cousin food when she gave birth and it was noodles and it look good!
What I got was a huge Cinnamon roll and milo! yum 8D! Told you it was not bad!
 well it was just only a day surgery.. can't expect like a full meal =( sadly. I smell curry from the other ward and it was making me drool LOL!

Oh and I just have to say this. I sat on a wheelchair for the right purpose! and damn it was fun for that one hour! because I was trying to "wheel" my way around and away from Vincent the whole time XD

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Alpaca and Alpacasso!!!

Im sure you all know I love kapibaras! 
but I just found something which Im so in love with with kapibaras! 


and the real one looks like this. LIKE SO FLUFFY TOO! 
I so want this as a pet! FLUFFY!!!

 so like somehow.. I saw it on tumblr.. and I became to be like HOMG WHAT IS THIS! 
and my boyfriend was also HOMG KYAAA SO CUTE!
and we are both finding up and down in singapore to find it right now =( BUT CANNOT FIND!
when you get desperate... you will out source and SHOP ONLINE XD

there even a Christmas version!

baby version is like TO DIE FOR! 

so want this one too

Still don't think is cute? 

So cute right!!! please agree with me because is over load with cuteness!!!
Anyone in singapore if you know where to get it please tell me!!! Im dying to get one to put with my kapibaras xD they are sick of each other! LOL

Saturday, 27 October 2012

Gyaru photoshoot at Garden By the Bay Part 1

 Did a gyaru photoshoot with staci mid of this month and it was one of the most fun shoot I ever had!
Her friend Leah who is a make-up artist did my makeup for all 3 outfits that day! 
It was a really fun experience and totally want to do it again XD! 
 The shoot was at Garden by the bay and it was my first time going there. 
One thing I shall comment is AIRCON!!! So nice and cool inside! 
Those plants have the life! Nice sunlight and nice cool air. =( unlike us have to melt everyday under the hot sun. 

So in this photoshoot you will see my boyfriend as a prop =X because I wanted the shoot to be a bit more like popteen! like when they have guys as props WAHAHA! 

First outfit was a liz lisa inspired flora maxi dress! 
Leah did a bow hairstyle for me and added the ribbon to look like rabbit ears XD
Match the dress with my liz lisa bag!

The next outfit is one of my favorite outfit Liz lisa high low summer flora dress. 
 Mine is in mint colour and totally love it! 
and  I match it with my HnM petal hairband 

Took this picture fast and furiouse! because it felt like I was sinking into the soil! 
Was like so scared because the ground was so soft! But the picture turn out great! 
Thank you staci!

 and then it was Vincent time for photoshoot when Leah was doing my makeup and hair change for the last outfit. 
Somehow his hair doesn't look as good because he went to cut it and the guy didn't do a good job at all!! Nuuuuu! but I still find him cute and handsome =P

Ok thats all for part 1! The more flora cutie style! Part 2 will be the last outfit and is pretty different. 
The makeup is also really different! Will blog about it soon 8D~ 


Saturday, 20 October 2012

In just one month.

I'm so sorry I went MIA for like so long is because I have been in a down side in my life for this month. and been finding ways to cheer me up like playing games and going out with my friends.
Couldn't really use the computer to blog because I don't have enough time to do so at home.
So sorry to all my readers ><!!! Im still alive ya 8D!

Got quite a lot of things happening in the month of October.  Did a gyaru photoshoot with Staci and there was also ben's wedding and other more little events~

 There is also my school and all the food I have cook!~~

FOOD, FOOD AND MORE FOOD XD!!! many more to come! Im like thinking.. because i have more time now maybe I should make bentos and put it up XD! always love doing it.

Ther is still other things that have been happening and I shall blog that later XD next blog post coming up is the gyaru photoshoot!

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

STGCC 2012

Im sorry that I have not been updating! Busy with my school and Im just so tired to even blog now ><!! The moment I come home I will just eat and sleep.... yea that tiring! 
well what to do? Im going service line after all

Tear.. but I love what Im doing =)

anyway, this year STGCC I didn't cosplay because of lack of time and funds. but I did get to stay at MBS for 2 nights with a bunch of friends! 
and it was soo fun! until I didn't take much photos of MBS HAHA xD! 

However the weekend was the first weekend that Guildwars 2 came out and we wanted to play it soo badly! THAT WE ALL BROUGHT OUR LAPTOPS TO THE HOTEL XD!!! 
WAHAHAH! So there was 4 laptops playing guild wars and vic playing her own stuff on her own laptop. It was like a gaming lan shop in the room!

The room we manage to get was huge! Perfect size for 5 of us! Thank you zander once again for helping us get it! 

Best thing that vic found out was that the sofa was a SOFA BED! 
haha me and vincent sleep on the sofa bed and the other couple sleep on the normal one! 

There is even a dining area but I didn't really took a good photo as it was quite hard to take the whole room. Here you can see 2 of the chair for the dining area. haha!

And the bathroom was huge too!! Bath tube and shower area!
Not forgetting a space to put makeup too! damn awesome! Was so in love with the bath room XD 

So first day of STGCC! And I wanted to wear my kitty band! 
My first event with fully black hair too and I thought it look like a wig.

Wearing my super cute outfit I bought from taobao! 
Inspired from popteen and I love it so much! Just that because is a tube... it keep slipping.. 
I hate that part!! 

baby was so cute! He said that we must match and so he took his checked shirt to match with me! 

 Taking out side of our room and was trying to find the lighting!

At the event itself I was trying to find all my friends! but the one thing I notice was that the outside of the place where everyone was walking WAS SUPER HOT! 

keep telling myself... THANK GOD I NEVER COSPLAY!! but yea wanted to also. 
Flicker minded baka me

Once you found friends, YOU NEED TO CAMWHORE!

And the one thing I keep hearing from everyone was..
Homg!!! Your handband is damn cute xD!!! 
Found it and got it all thanks to Himeko! Because I saw her wearing for the first time and it was so kawaii!

Was going out to find Jess and vic already and I saw this bunch of girls playing with these plushies. 

and so... being me, I went up to them and ask where they got it. 
Happens to be in the event halls itself but they said they got theirs early and it sold out already. =( thats the sad news of the day.. 

I asked permission and took photos with one of the kitty!! SO CUTE RIGHT! 
Is bigger than my head! Bet it will be a good pillow for sleeping. 

Found the rest and took more photos! 

Did this with jess as we were playing haha!!!

 Me and lav was like saying we both have kitty ears!!! 
Oh, and she went crazy over my camera because camwhoring is so awesome now! 

Miss you babe!!! Will try to see you soon in malaysia!

Saw aya and her team doing inu x boku! 
We used to camwhore so much but duno where she run to! 

and then staci~ Ask her for some shot and she help me take these!!! 
Is was soo nice, I love the lighting too!
 Thanks once again staci!!! 

Never really tried being a cat before so I felt weird doing nya nya poses! 
I always feel that my friend Jolyn suited more! 
But nevertheless Im trying now because I love this hairband!

 Once again! Im sorry peeps, I will try to blog more if I can! 
Im going to start cooking course tomorrow so HOPEFULLY I don't die from being overcooked or something. 
=3 love you all for supporting me even thou I blog so rarely now.