My apologies!

My apologies to all my readers!!! Im so sorry for MIA for so long T-T!!
Miss blogging so much and miss uploading stuff to this blog!
So much things has happen in just 2 months and I want to share with all of you!!!

Finally after like 2 months I GOT A 2 TB Seagate HDD!!
Totally blew my wallet for it because is $198 for just 2TB! (damn Thailand flood!) 
and finally my computer is faster and can uploaded more data to it again!!!
I gave up finding where is the damn seagate RMA centre is already that why I went to buy the 2TB HDD.

So I am back!!! And going to blog way more now!!
A lot of backlogs but I still want to share XD! 
Like my birthday, CNY, New year eve!!! A LOT MORE 8D!! 
and This year is going to be more awesome!!!

one thing is that I am even more busy then last year is because is my final year in NAFA D8!!!
And FYP is killing me as I type!!! Hope everything will be better soon!!! 

Cheers to all and hope that you will continue supporting me ^^!!~ 
Gomeh once again! 


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