Christmas Party 2011

Time to blog about my Christmas part 2011!!
Sorry for the backlog and the late update. I just finish my stage 2 for my FYP and I got a bit of free time now. Been really busy with my life and all I can say is that I love it! 

So this is the Christmas eve party 2011 which my family held a small one. 
Invited some of my friends over for dinner and party!!!~ 

Bought this liz lisa outfit for Christmas because is red and is so cute! 

Was so busy putting on makeup that I forgot to take the buffet when is just lay out. 

A small gathering with relatives and friends only! 

And of course I must MUST invite cassie ^^

My sister and her friend pat

The place where we had our christmas dinner! 
Christy, Cassie, Alex , Mel and PUTEH. because I was taking the photo. 

The Moscato that I bought which was really nice! 

and Mel made cookies for us!!! which was really good >\\< omg love it!

and then Just some camwhoring with the girls !!~ 

Gingerbread star shaped cookies which was really good!! 

Trying bottom lashes again! 

Overall had a lot of fun! Played some drinking games afterwards with forrester, jovi and the rest. 
which lead to most of us drunk anyway.... 

Then Christmas came and I just wanted to open my presents... but then cassie told me I only can open on boxing day so I waited. 

Some of the present I received!! Thank you ^^!! love them all! 


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