KC Christmas gathering 2011

One week before Christmas, I had a gathering with my KC babes. 
One thing for sure, I never regret being in Katong Convent!!~
And I love my babes to bits, totally love our gathering and meet ups. 

So this time is for Christmas and we went to I12 Katong, The new shopping centre at Katong, joo chiat area. 
Is small but totally awesome because there is a cinema in it!!! WOOT LIKE FINALLY! 

I needed to had dinner with my parents so I went down for dessert. Went to honeymoon desserts and order mochii. All I can say is... is soso.. not that good but edible. 

Cassandra and I decided to go to obolo and get some macaroons instead. 

And is it totally awesome, Eunice use to work there and she recommended us some of the flavours.
I personally love cassis the most! 

and yea, it sounded like Cassie!! So I love to say that both of them are sweet!! 

We had a present exchange too and the person I got was Michelle, My best friend from sec 1! 
And this is what I got from her! Super sweet and is so her to get that! 

I forgot who she got her present with but she seems to like it too! 

Totally miss you michelle!!! and I love hanging out with her. She keep on staring at the fish tank, seeing the prawn and fishes. 
She never change from secondary school~Still such a cute and sweet and animal lover. 


A damn fun outing altogether and had lots of fun! KC BABES, WE NEED TO HAVE MORE GATHERING ^^!!! Just to see all my old school mates again and knowing what's happening in their life now, how much we have move on and grown. Not forgetting how much we still love our school and of course the friendship we have. Something that I want to treasure for the rest of my life. 



3 Waffles:

  1. The mochi looks nice tho XD
    I've never tried macarons before,I don't know how it taste like but it looks delicious!!

  2. must grab my macaroons this spring!!!

  3. sana > Hee but I tried better one before. so I won't recommend going there for good mochi. Oh!! the macarons are really good!!! Go try if you have the chance!

    Nath > Yea!!! Totally!!! <3 so in love with them!


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