New Year Eve 2011

The one dinner that I been looking forward to in 2011 is my new year eve dinner! 
Why? Because we are celebrating at The Ritz-Carlton, The greenhouse! One of my FAVOURITE buffet place! It is seriously awesome! 
I would like to thank Ian for inviting me!! ^^ Thanks again!~ 

Didn't really take much because when I reach there I found out I forgot to bring my camera T^T!! 
I hate carrying clutches for that reason.. there is like no space in your bag for things!!! 
So these photos are taken from my friend and my handphone! (Please bare with me >< sorry) 

So the buffet~~ The seafood area 

The middle area which mostly where the meat is! 
Just look at this!!! A whole leg?!??! IT WAS LIKE JUST THERE! 

This is awesome.. Is foie gras, and is FREE FLOW! To me it was like "EAT ALL THE FOIE GRAS" 
And this was the last piece so I had to take a photo! 
Didn't use to like it till someone intro me, now I love it! I so want Vinz to try this!!! 

I took the dessert because I cannot resist how pretty and cute it is! 
Me and my mom didn't bare to eat it and end up taking photos instead.

There was so many selections and really, they are all so pretty to me!! I am a total dessert freak and to me the sweeter the better!!! (OH SHIT XD like gin-san) 

Hur hur hur! Seeing it again is making me hungry and homg I miss the food/dessert now 

Saw Rachel order Souffle and it looks damn good so I decided to order too!! 
And yes, is totally good when is hot!! It was worth the 15min wait! 
It just melt in your mouth and with the vanilla sauce is just soo good! 

So on that day I tried a new style. ( Sorry if my curls look uneven T-T Im still trying to get use to the new curling tongs and trying to even use it. Had a phobia last time because it burn my sister leg before and leave a very bad scar.) 

Decided to go for a bit more mature look then my gyaru look, With blue eyeliner and eyeshadow this time! 

and took photo with my cousin!!~ 

My outfit for that night!~ 

after dinner when we are waiting for the fireworks we went up to the room and took some photos, 
and basically CAMWHORING XD

With 5 girls who are bored and wanted to have some fun! 
This is like our new korean band! ROFL! 
Super fun and awesome girls!!~ Really had a great time and I totally can't wait to spend time with them again! Hopefully it will be soon!!~ 

So once again, (even thou it is really late) 
I hope that the year has been good for all of you and it will only get better!!
*Blessing and Gloria* 
May you all have a wonderful year ahead! 


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  1. Super Belated New Year and I am willing to starve for those sinful desserts!!!

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