Valentine Day 2012

After so many years of being attach, This year Valentine day was the yea that I spend it being single. 
Thought is going to be like FOREVERALONE.jpg or something but end up it was really fun! 
Why? Because of awesome friends! Friends keep you strong during these times and there are there no matter what!! I'm so glad I have all of you!! and showing me that I can be strong after a sucky relationship!

So for this year Valentine, I decided to make chocolate for everyone XD 
White chocolate with graham cracker base. I have no idea how to make chocolates...
and how I manage to make these chocolates is watching Yumeiro Patissiere! See anime is good for you!
And it turn out good!! The person I gave too say it was really nice XD and my friends said it was good too!
and the fun part was decorating it!!! I forgot to take pictures of the small chocolates because I was rushing already. but I took picture of the big pink chocolate!!

I have no idea why I wanted to make chocolates this Valentines day. Maybe is because is the first time Im being single and I wanted to give chocolates badly!!! Never felt this way before.
And is true, when you are making chocolates and thinking about someone you tend to have that feeling that you want to make it extra good!
Or in other ways, make it look pretty!!

I shall make chocolates again because it is really fun to make it! If you want to know how I make it, is really simple I can blog about it XD

So on to the valentine day dinner with all my friends. Decided to go to just acia because of the free flow of drinks and ICE CREAM! (Vio needs that)

11 PEOPLE TOTAL!!!! We were totally making a lot of noise and having a blast. 


Me and Honey <3!!~ 

Many of us didn't wanted rice so we pass it all to alvin and he got scared! 

Vincent tried to help me open my miso soup bowl and this is what happen LOL! 


These 2 people just in one small corner don't know doing what the whole time. lol 

Vio stole my glasses!

More camwhore!!

So we went to a place Vic recommended us and played Wii. We actually wanted to go play L4D but oh well this was fun too! 

and guess what we were playing!!! 

It was raving rabbits and everyone got so high HAHAH XD 

More group photos!!~ XD 

Ok so I end the day with this photo :P because I manage to take photo with Vincent XD 

Well I know this is super late but hope everyone had a great Valentine Day! 


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  1. your pictures are so cute! =)

  2. Making of chocolate post please >w<!!

  3. aby > thanks you ^^!~

    Ruki > I didn't really take much photos when I was making but Im going to make again so I will post that one up 8D!!~ Thanks for asking ^^

  4. I am
    Looking forward for that ^_^ thank u! <3


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