Sneak peak to Dollywink New collection [Sparkling Cotton Candy]

Sometime last month, there was a meet up for the sparkling cotton candy group, 
because my partner Sochii (
told me that Yunwen wanted to see us to show us something awesome! And something awesome it was! 
I didn't really know what was going on but I was really excited! 

Dress up early in the morning and ready to go!~ 

Went to Bugis TCC for breakfast and this is what I got when I arrived!!

It was a meet up about Dollywink newest collection coming to singapore!! HOMG PRAISE THE LORD! 

Awesome Chiru was there too <3 been awhile since I saw her!! 

Met up with Yunwen and pearly who was telling us more about the collection and other cool stuff 
( Hee maybe next time if I can I will blog about it but is super exciting!)

and then they took out some items.. DOLLYWINK ITEMS!
Got to see the the eyelashes UPCLOSE!! and homg it was so pretty!! 

I feel that the new lashes are more tone down then the first collection, but their bottom lashes are way more prettier!! Which really made me want to try them! 

The lash I really want to try is 9 , 10 and  12!!! Going to need money again to try them! 

The series are
 Dolly wink eyelash No.9 Natural Dolly 
Dolly wink eyelash No. 10 Sweet Cat 
Dolly wink eyelash No. 11 Pure Sweet 
Dolly wink eyelash No. 12 Feminine Girl 
Dolly wink eyelash No. 13 Baby Girl 
Dolly wink eyelash No.14 Natural Cute 

All lashes are $24.90 at Shibuya gals Watsons! Which is out already!

The one thing that caught my eye is the eyelash glue! 2 new glue which is coming out and is way better than the previous one. I have been using the old one so when I tried the new one I was like HOMG NEED TO GET THIS!! 
The pink one is normal ( meaning is white glue) and the black one is like a eyeliner meaning the glue is in black! I tried the black one and immediately I fell in love with it! 
The glue is way stronger than the previous one and one thing that I notice is that the glue doesn't have the weird smell anymore!! YAY! 

The items are 
Dolly wink eyelash fix standard 
Dolly wink eyelash fix black 

Both is going for $18.90 at Shibuya Gals watson! 

because I really love this item I got a little gift from them!! 

Cute eyelash casing for you? Is purple, there is design, is light and is cute!  

Dolly wink eyelash case purple
Which is $9.90

Just had to take a photo with it!! But I got my old one too!! But this is purple!!! KYAA!! 

Next collection was the eyebrow pencil! 
Honestly I don't really use eyebrown pencil so I was not really that interested in this product. 
Tried to see how it was but it was not that great either, I feel the pencil is too hard and I need to press quite hard to get the colour out. 

The items are 
Dolly wink eyebrow pencil 01 Honey Brown 
Dolly wink eyebrow pencil 02 Chocolate Brown 
Dolly wink eyebrow 03 Dark Chocolate 

Going for $16.90 each! 

Then come the eyebrown Powder! Which I feel is more better than the eyebrown pencil. 
After trying it, to me is better than kate eyebrown pallet which I was using, the colour is more intact and there is more choices.  
But one thing that is missing from the packaging is a mirror.  
This series contains 
Dolly wink eyebrow powder 01 Honey brown 
Dolly wink eyebrow powder 02 Chocolate brown 
Dolly wink eyebrow powder 03 Dark chocolate 
Going for $24.90 each! 
This is one awesome product! I SWEAR! THIS IS REALLY AWESOME! 
Eye brown pencil? eyebrown powder? No throw that all away. Really want to get something good? 
Get this! The dolly wink eyebrown mascara! 
After trying this I swear this is the item to get if I want to colour my brows! 
The texture is right, the colour come out nicely, there not horrible smell, and it stays! 
Like I said, I never really colour my brows but after trying this product, is so simple to just brush it across and there you are done! YOUR BROWS ARE DONE! 
Is so simple and is so easy! Best it looks awesome! 
I feel this item is worth getting and worth trying!! 
This series contains 
Dolly wink eyebrow mascara 01 Milk Tea 
Dolly wink eyebrow mascara 02 Mocha 
Dolly wink eyebrow mascara 03 Cocoa 
Each cost $21.90!

So tried colouring my brows with it and this is how it look like!! 
Seriously much better and so easy to use! 

Going to get this when I have the cash!!!

Who said guys cannot wear makeup? haha Yunwen was putting on for Shino! 
Tadah!! Nice and awesome brows which is able to use on guys too!! 
(hee I shall try on Vincent next time!) 

and so when you have gathering, meetups and fun times like this.. 
What does girls do? CAMWHORE!! hee~ 

Group shot!!! All the girls who went that day!~ (but lawliet needed to leave early ><)

AND thus this was the third meetup for Sparkling Cotton Candy!!! 
You can see our facebook page here!! 

Me and Sochii!!! The two who started SCC! 

Really had a lot of fun that morning even thou I needed to rush to driving after that (damn you driving T-T) 
but it was worth it waking up in the morning and meeting the rest of the girls! 

Thanks again sochii for the wondering invite!! 


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  1. I wish there are Dolly Wink products available in our country )):

  2. Nice review! The dollywink eyebrow mascara seems awesome! planning to get one =P

  3. which eyebrow mascara did you use? cocoa or mocha?

  4. You are so cute!
    But I would like to know what eyebrow mascara did you use? Milk Tea or Mocha?


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