Wednesday, 30 May 2012

For Girls whose BF plays Diablo

Now now this post won't be about diablo 3 again but is for girls who hates Diablo 3 and wants their Boyfriend back even for a while. 

As you know many girls hate this when it came out. They all hate Diablo 3!
Not many know about D3.. most of them just know is a game. 

why they hate it? because of this 

Oh yes.. IS BACK TO STEAL YOUR BOYFRIENDS. (at least those guys who plays Diablo 2) 

So anyway, Even though I play Diablo, I am also one of those girls who my Boyfriend plays Diablo too. 
And is not EVERYDAY I want to play Diablo, Going to hell every single day is not fun.

So I found some ways to trick my bf to not to play as well 8D!! 

First thing which is very important to know is D3 Maintenance which you can find it here
Maintenance is one thing that games love and hate. Well most of time they are fixing bugs and sometime put in some cool shit but most of the time is the DOWN TIME! 
Now girls~ You must love these DOWN TIME 8D! Because that is where you come in! 

Most of the maintenance timing happens on Tuesday (but better check for others) 
like example, Yesterday 29th May, Maintenance was on at 5pm and is said to be done at 2am! 
and whats even better that it didn't came out at 2am but 8am the next morning! (EVEN BETTER!) 

So what I did? 

Gf : Hey, Today D3 got maintenance
Bf : NUUUUUUU!!! :(
Gf : Wanna watch a movie?
Bf : Ok, but what time is it up?
Gf : 2am, Ah ya but don't care first you know how blizzard is

At around 1am

Bf  : 1 MORE HR!!! D3 !!
Gf : Can we just go to sleep I don't think it will be up.
Bf : But.. D3!! ... 1 more HR!!
Gf  : blizzard sure drag!
Bf : :( but..
Gf : Can play tomorrow right, No need now right!
Bf : Orh...
Gf : And you better not wake up in the middle of the night to play.
Bf : D8 

Oh well thats what happen yesterday, Convincing my bf to play tomorrow instead of last night. But when he went in this morning 8am he told me it was just up and he was happy that he didn't wait all night for the stupid server!!

There another scenario

*Knowing that the maintenance will happen in 30mins time. *

Gf : Baby, Can you go to 7-11 and get for me something? Pleeaaasseee!!
Bf : Okok what? ( preparing to on computer to go in D3)  
Gf : just a drink and a snack... can? 
Bf : Okok Be right Back 

after 25mins 

Bf : Here you go 
Gf : Thank you :) 
Bf : *Logs in to diablo 3 * 
see in chat box
Diablo 3 will be shutting down in 5 mins time for maintenance 

Gf : what happen?
Bf : Maintenance now! FUUUuuu-- 
Gf : Awww, thats sad....... Wanna go out? 

Plan your timing right and you can get what you want! 

So yes, Maintenance is girls best friends because it the time where your BF NEED TO GET OUT OF DIABLO! 

Another way if you are a gamer girl. 
Buy diablo 3 > Play with your boyfriend > Make sure you are BETTER than him > OWN HIM > GET BETTER ITEMS THEN HIM > And get to level 60 first than him. 

ok somehow that may make some guys piss instead =X but some may just feel the game is boring already and quit! 

If you want him to be jealous and piss, you can add all your guy friends and they will give you items usually and he will be jealous 8D 
good for you , bad for him!

Well for some guys, they will be thinking : Homg so many people want to play with my GF I want to play with her too! and then he will try to get your attention! 

And then comes another way that will make your bf scream 

1. Find out whats his pass word for his D3 account. 
2. Go in to his account 
3. go to a public game 
4. Run around and then quit game. 
5. wait for his scream. ( This may take some time like a few days to weeks) 

or if you don't want to wait 

1. Find out whats his pass word for his D3 account. 
2. Go in to his account 
3. Go to his character and go to the main town 
4. Either sell or drop all the items on the floor 
5. Quit game 
6. Wait for his scream. (faster then the first one but is more evil. Well use this if you are very piss off) 

Ask him what happen and he will think he got hack. 
Oh don't worry about him suspecting you, There is this bug then when you join a public game. 
People can track your IP and then hack your account which lead to all your items and gold gone! 
And even if he wants to ask blizzard to do a restoration it will take at least 3 - 5 days. 
So you got at least 3 - 5 days to go out with him! 
And blizzard have not even fix this hacking problem yet because many of my friends are getting hack recently. so yea if you are really angry you can use that. 
you can read it here and here 

So these are just a few ways I feel that can get your bf back for awhile or a day for both of you to go out! 
Because is just sad to see your bf just play diablo 3 all day long and you staring at him. 
I do come out with a lot more ways but I usually post it on my twitter XD 
So have fun trying to get your BF back into the real world! 
(and thus Im currently finding ways to burn hell for my BF) 

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

CosfestX2 Day 1 : Senbonzakura

 I am finally going to blog about Cosfest X 2.... Im sorry.. too many things and needed to edit photos too. 
so yes.. FINALLY!!! *CHEER* 

So first day I did Senbonzakura with Saku, Vio, Jes and Cubie (sadly vic cannot make it for our team so she did sakura instead) and I was luka 8D!! YAY FOR PURPLE AND PINK!! Thank you sake for inviting me to this team =3 oh and I forgot to buy trays so I just stole my moms one =X 

Taken by Terrence! 

Had a damn fun day with the whole group!! We were using our sleeves as pouches LOL!!! (THEY MAKE GOOD POCKETS) and I almost killed people when I swing it.

and so the team consist of 

Miku - Sakurazaki
Kaito - Viospace 
Meiko - Jesuke 
Len - Cubie 
Luka - Cutepetz 
(Rin - Vic) 

Really fun team and all looks so good!!! ( damnit I fail T-T) but yea!! see how pretty and handsome they all look!! LOOK AT THEM!!!

We didn't even bother to go in and see whats happening on the stage, we were just having fun at the back~~ More happening down there with everyone we know!!

and then come the camwhore part.. BECAUSE YOU KNOW YOU WILL DO IT IN A EVENT XD!!
to take pictures with everyone!!! Ok wall of spammage coming thru!

Oh and I did a little experiment again.. like on SOYC and yea~ Love the faces LOL 

hur~ LOL 

Thanks all for taking pictures with me =3!!! Miss you all already!!

See you all soon at the upcoming COSFEST! 

Monday, 28 May 2012

The Best Eyeshadow helper by Lime Crime!

Today Im going to introduce you to my favourite eye primer that I cannot live without any more! 

and is non other that the Lime Crime Eyeshadow Helper

This eye primer is the best so far I ever use for long lasting eye shadow holding. I usually need to wear it for cosplay or when I got out and I don't even need to touch up my eye makeup even once!
It comes with a super cute packaging! LOOK!! IS A BOX XD which looks like a present! 

and inside fits this cute little thing! Which is small enough to fit in your makeup pouch! 

They only have one colour which for me fits my skin tones, It is easy to blend and not sticky at all. Is cream based so you just smear it on your eye lid and then apply whatever eyeshadow you want to put next.

Took this at night around 11pm and I apply my make up early in the morning 8pm. I only touch up my face powder but never my eyeshadow. And is still intact after so long! 
Thats why this is my favourite eyeshadow helper! I can never live without it anymore!!!

You may think that the bottle is really small and it won't last, Well I bought it since last year. I said if you would to use it everyday it will last probably 6months or so or else it can last you for a year. 

Is 16.99USD for a 7g bottle ( it only come in one size too) so is around $22SGD.
So go and try it and Im sure you won't regret it ^^! 

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

I sold my soul to hell

Im sorry guys.... But I did something bad and I sold my soul to the devil. 
I bought Diablo III... OH NO!!! WORST THING EVER!!!
and so does all my friends and including my boyfriend.. 
he looks happy...

and to sell your soul.. you need to buy a card first. 

 and so this was the ticket to hell... and I told my bf WE ARE GOING TO HELL TOGETHER! 

and thus... THE QUEUING BEGIN! 
So on 15th May... GAMERS EVERYWHERE IN SINGAPORE WENT TO FUNAN AND SLEEPOVER!! ok not everyone, But I do know some mad people who did.. like the first person in queue. 
Yup... Xeth Kor... you are really MAD! 

but in the morning this was the queue already!

and I was not there yet... I went an hour later... 

Oh yes.. the queue is this freaking bad.. and we waited for at least 3 hours just to get our ticket.. (NOT THE GAME YET..)

These are tags to show that you have sell your soul already. =(
and only at 3pm then they will start giving out the game... 
what worst that our ticket number was 130++... 
so meaning there is over hundred of people in front of us... 
and the queue was moving super slow that we decided to go home and nap and come back.
Went back at 3.30 > come back at 6.30 and is still not our turn yet!! JUST IMAGINE! 

however we stayed on till 8.30pm because my boyfriend wanted to try the lucky draw and win a computer..
and of course knowing his luck.. he didn't win =P

and so went back and thus... WE WENT INTO HELL!!! 

oh after awhile this happen.... AND WE ARE FORCE TO GO TO BED!!! FUUUUUUUUUUU

So now we just completed Night mare mode and trying to get to Hell mode == I can really feel my soul leaving me.