The Best Eyeshadow helper by Lime Crime!

Today Im going to introduce you to my favourite eye primer that I cannot live without any more! 

and is non other that the Lime Crime Eyeshadow Helper

This eye primer is the best so far I ever use for long lasting eye shadow holding. I usually need to wear it for cosplay or when I got out and I don't even need to touch up my eye makeup even once!
It comes with a super cute packaging! LOOK!! IS A BOX XD which looks like a present! 

and inside fits this cute little thing! Which is small enough to fit in your makeup pouch! 

They only have one colour which for me fits my skin tones, It is easy to blend and not sticky at all. Is cream based so you just smear it on your eye lid and then apply whatever eyeshadow you want to put next.

Took this at night around 11pm and I apply my make up early in the morning 8pm. I only touch up my face powder but never my eyeshadow. And is still intact after so long! 
Thats why this is my favourite eyeshadow helper! I can never live without it anymore!!!

You may think that the bottle is really small and it won't last, Well I bought it since last year. I said if you would to use it everyday it will last probably 6months or so or else it can last you for a year. 

Is 16.99USD for a 7g bottle ( it only come in one size too) so is around $22SGD.
So go and try it and Im sure you won't regret it ^^! 


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  1. Hi! May i know where you ordered the primer from? )


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