CosfestX2 Day 1 : Senbonzakura

 I am finally going to blog about Cosfest X 2.... Im sorry.. too many things and needed to edit photos too. 
so yes.. FINALLY!!! *CHEER* 

So first day I did Senbonzakura with Saku, Vio, Jes and Cubie (sadly vic cannot make it for our team so she did sakura instead) and I was luka 8D!! YAY FOR PURPLE AND PINK!! Thank you sake for inviting me to this team =3 oh and I forgot to buy trays so I just stole my moms one =X 

Taken by Terrence! 

Had a damn fun day with the whole group!! We were using our sleeves as pouches LOL!!! (THEY MAKE GOOD POCKETS) and I almost killed people when I swing it.

and so the team consist of 

Miku - Sakurazaki
Kaito - Viospace 
Meiko - Jesuke 
Len - Cubie 
Luka - Cutepetz 
(Rin - Vic) 

Really fun team and all looks so good!!! ( damnit I fail T-T) but yea!! see how pretty and handsome they all look!! LOOK AT THEM!!!

We didn't even bother to go in and see whats happening on the stage, we were just having fun at the back~~ More happening down there with everyone we know!!

and then come the camwhore part.. BECAUSE YOU KNOW YOU WILL DO IT IN A EVENT XD!!
to take pictures with everyone!!! Ok wall of spammage coming thru!

Oh and I did a little experiment again.. like on SOYC and yea~ Love the faces LOL 

hur~ LOL 

Thanks all for taking pictures with me =3!!! Miss you all already!!

See you all soon at the upcoming COSFEST! 


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