For Girls whose BF plays Diablo

Now now this post won't be about diablo 3 again but is for girls who hates Diablo 3 and wants their Boyfriend back even for a while. 

As you know many girls hate this when it came out. They all hate Diablo 3!
Not many know about D3.. most of them just know is a game. 

why they hate it? because of this 

Oh yes.. IS BACK TO STEAL YOUR BOYFRIENDS. (at least those guys who plays Diablo 2) 

So anyway, Even though I play Diablo, I am also one of those girls who my Boyfriend plays Diablo too. 
And is not EVERYDAY I want to play Diablo, Going to hell every single day is not fun.

So I found some ways to trick my bf to not to play as well 8D!! 

First thing which is very important to know is D3 Maintenance which you can find it here
Maintenance is one thing that games love and hate. Well most of time they are fixing bugs and sometime put in some cool shit but most of the time is the DOWN TIME! 
Now girls~ You must love these DOWN TIME 8D! Because that is where you come in! 

Most of the maintenance timing happens on Tuesday (but better check for others) 
like example, Yesterday 29th May, Maintenance was on at 5pm and is said to be done at 2am! 
and whats even better that it didn't came out at 2am but 8am the next morning! (EVEN BETTER!) 

So what I did? 

Gf : Hey, Today D3 got maintenance
Bf : NUUUUUUU!!! :(
Gf : Wanna watch a movie?
Bf : Ok, but what time is it up?
Gf : 2am, Ah ya but don't care first you know how blizzard is

At around 1am

Bf  : 1 MORE HR!!! D3 !!
Gf : Can we just go to sleep I don't think it will be up.
Bf : But.. D3!! ... 1 more HR!!
Gf  : blizzard sure drag!
Bf : :( but..
Gf : Can play tomorrow right, No need now right!
Bf : Orh...
Gf : And you better not wake up in the middle of the night to play.
Bf : D8 

Oh well thats what happen yesterday, Convincing my bf to play tomorrow instead of last night. But when he went in this morning 8am he told me it was just up and he was happy that he didn't wait all night for the stupid server!!

There another scenario

*Knowing that the maintenance will happen in 30mins time. *

Gf : Baby, Can you go to 7-11 and get for me something? Pleeaaasseee!!
Bf : Okok what? ( preparing to on computer to go in D3)  
Gf : just a drink and a snack... can? 
Bf : Okok Be right Back 

after 25mins 

Bf : Here you go 
Gf : Thank you :) 
Bf : *Logs in to diablo 3 * 
see in chat box
Diablo 3 will be shutting down in 5 mins time for maintenance 

Gf : what happen?
Bf : Maintenance now! FUUUuuu-- 
Gf : Awww, thats sad....... Wanna go out? 

Plan your timing right and you can get what you want! 

So yes, Maintenance is girls best friends because it the time where your BF NEED TO GET OUT OF DIABLO! 

Another way if you are a gamer girl. 
Buy diablo 3 > Play with your boyfriend > Make sure you are BETTER than him > OWN HIM > GET BETTER ITEMS THEN HIM > And get to level 60 first than him. 

ok somehow that may make some guys piss instead =X but some may just feel the game is boring already and quit! 

If you want him to be jealous and piss, you can add all your guy friends and they will give you items usually and he will be jealous 8D 
good for you , bad for him!

Well for some guys, they will be thinking : Homg so many people want to play with my GF I want to play with her too! and then he will try to get your attention! 

And then comes another way that will make your bf scream 

1. Find out whats his pass word for his D3 account. 
2. Go in to his account 
3. go to a public game 
4. Run around and then quit game. 
5. wait for his scream. ( This may take some time like a few days to weeks) 

or if you don't want to wait 

1. Find out whats his pass word for his D3 account. 
2. Go in to his account 
3. Go to his character and go to the main town 
4. Either sell or drop all the items on the floor 
5. Quit game 
6. Wait for his scream. (faster then the first one but is more evil. Well use this if you are very piss off) 

Ask him what happen and he will think he got hack. 
Oh don't worry about him suspecting you, There is this bug then when you join a public game. 
People can track your IP and then hack your account which lead to all your items and gold gone! 
And even if he wants to ask blizzard to do a restoration it will take at least 3 - 5 days. 
So you got at least 3 - 5 days to go out with him! 
And blizzard have not even fix this hacking problem yet because many of my friends are getting hack recently. so yea if you are really angry you can use that. 
you can read it here and here 

So these are just a few ways I feel that can get your bf back for awhile or a day for both of you to go out! 
Because is just sad to see your bf just play diablo 3 all day long and you staring at him. 
I do come out with a lot more ways but I usually post it on my twitter XD 
So have fun trying to get your BF back into the real world! 
(and thus Im currently finding ways to burn hell for my BF) 


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  2. Thank you so much for this tip! im gonna try to make my bf alive again

  3. singh > Thanks~

    Asu > Haha no problem!! Hope he come back to life too!

  4. i luv diablo 3.. BEST!!!

  5. Or, you can take him out to see a real life Diablo! Kind of :P


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