Was invited to join the BOSCH event by last week! 
and it was really cool because I finally got a car and licences so Im really interested in cars now!

So what is BOSCH?!?! 
honestly I had no idea what was it till I went there. 
So BOSCH Automotive Singapore is basically a company that supply car parts and have workshop to help your car. 

The road show outside Chevron House!~ 

Never really went to a car road show before... So it was an eye opener. 
I was seeing all the parts and staring at it!

Pardon my raw face! Went to school and didn't bother to put makeup!

 So they have car services and there was sales on wipers, battery and other car parts. 

One thing Im a noob in cars right now. I only can see what brand is the car and know little details here and there. But I am interested in knowing how to take care of my car o-o SO NEED TO LEARN! 

BOSCH also gave me a goodie bag which includes a lot of things! 

and this item which is specially for my car..... but yea I need to go to a work shop to have this thing fix in.

honestly.. I had no idea what it was till they told me is a oil filter. and I stare at it hard thinking where is this part going to my car when I open the front. 

But is ok! They pass me a Auto care book which was filled with alot of details about how to take care of your car 8D!! thats good news for me for a noob like me! LOL

So is time to take car of my car! and you can too, just visit any BOSCH outlet and they will tell you more :3 awesome~ 


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