Gel nails by Glitzy Fingers

So today I started a new adventure for my nails and that is I did Gelish. 
Been hesitating for quite a long time to try gel nails because of the down side. 
Since my mom keep telling me that Gelish is very addictive, it makes your nail weak because of the filing and the soaking and here and there. 

However I met so many who did Gelish and my friends who did have such pretty nails.. *-* always stare at it and love to touch how smooth it is. 

So I went to Glitzy Fingers to do my nails~ My cousin Belle who just started her shop asked me to go and try it out! ( Please note that she only do Gelish. She doesn't have normal nail polish like OPI) 

I was really excited! IT WAS MY FIRST TIME DOING GELISH!! I feel like I have sinned because my mom keep saying don't OH WELL I JUST WANT TO TRY! 

And here is the results~ Inspired by Popteens! 
Something cute and sweet at the same time! 

Im totally loving the results and all my friends told me is really nice and cute!! =3 
She only file a little so it won't thin your nails that much and the reason why there a need to file is because gel only can be apply on a rough surface. If is wet or smooth it will drop out and it will be like a fake nail coming out from your nails rofl! 

The whole process of doing my nails took me less than an hour. WOOHOO FAST! 
Usually takes me 2 hours or more but because of the UV light drying of nails is sooo damn fast! 
The first time she ask me to put it inside the UV light I was like hmmm what is this... 
and when I took out she was like Ok is dry already! time to put the next coat! 
WOOHOO!! This is perfect for me because I love to fidget and move and I always accidently touch my nails =( THATS THE SAD PART! AND ANNOYING! 
However now after 20sec is dried 8D! 

oh and this set of nails I did for my birthday took me around 3 hours and last around 2weeks max. 

Bell told me that my nails can last me at least 3 - 5 weeks. THATS IS SO LONG! 
Usually my nails chip off after a week and is totally gone after the 2nd week. 
Is have been a week already and there is no chip, no scratches or smudges or anything, Is like perfectly new.
most fun thing is I love to rub them because is sooo smooth!!! Is like no matter how much you rub it it won't come off and is soo shiny!! XD ( Im not making this up go try yourself and play with your nails LOL)

Traditional Polish

~ Needs frequent touch up
~ Smells
~ Annoying drying time
~ Chips off real quickily
~ Non-lasting shine
~ Stains your natural nails

Gel Polish

~ Odourless
~ High shine without fading
~ Dries immediately
~ No staining
~ No chipping
~ No peeling
~ Last up to 3 weeks
~ Wont damage your natural nails 

So she have a lot of colours, thats one thing for sure! I always thought that gelish have less colours then normal which is usually all the red and skin tone colour. But I was wrong!! 
She brought in many pastel and shimmering colours. So I was really happy when I was choosing. 

To me, she is really good in her art and I would love her to flowers or ribbons on my nails next time! 
Maybe for Natsumaturi, Shall do something flowery!!! 
here is some pictures of nail art she done before, I really really love her flowers!  

and more nail art done by her! 

Everyone loves her rainbow XD!!! 

Her place is one of the few places I know that charge a good price for Gelish! 
For my nails, she is charging the whole thing including the charm for $53.
Her classic Gelish are usually $55 and for Gelish I feel is a good price already! 
I seen many places which charge around$70 - $100 for their work. 
( LIKE HOMG TWICE AS MUCH D8! Thats was one of the reason why I didn't wanted to do because it was expensive!!) 

Taken from her Facebook this is her service menu! 
*She only do gel and acrylic services 

So go and try!! 

and there I have warn you!!! Because I'm already addicted to it! 

here is her shop details! 

Glitzy Fingers 

101 Upper Cross Street, People's Park Centre
#03-58, Candy Beauty and Art Gallery 
Singapore 058357
Belle - +65 8100 7353
Email :
Nearest MRT - Chinatown MRT 

Check out the facebook page too! She updates it with her works and prices! 

*Don't forget to Mention my name Denise Wee!~ You may just get something special =3!~* 

Wahaha~ Loving my nails because I just bought some new clothes and it matches it so nicely! 


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