Getting a gamer guy is OK!

How many of you likes a guy before but got turn off just because he plays games?
Or have gamer boyfriends and think that totally sucks?? 
You know it, Almost 90% of the guys you know play games! Im not talking only talking about those addicts who playing World of Warcraft or Diablo but those who plays Xbox, PS3 and wii games ( I never seen someone addicted to wii before.. .-.) 
They are everywhere!!! and you can't fight it because who knows that the one you like or love may be a gamer guy as well. 

(ok please note Im not saying this because im a gamer girl but in general! Everything in this post is what I feel and my thoughts~ Don't like what read, you can always close it. )

First of all they are not weird or boring, Gamer guys can be really fun! Don't think they are nerds like Sheldon or Leonard. 

They can be quite cute you know 

I see girls getting turn off because the guys plays games like Dota or Counter strike last time. Saying things like they will never get a guy who plays games because they won't have time for you and will only care about games. 

Is like.... 

"I WILL NEVER GET A GUY WHO PLAYS GAMES!! They will just keep on playing and don't care about you! All they care is gaaaammmmeeessss!!!!!"

"Guys who play games are so boring. Games suck and is so boring!

" They won't have time for you because all they do is play games" 

However, What I think the reason why most of them keep playing games is because they are not attach and they are wasting their time somewhere. and what better then games~  they are more exciting, fun and competitive.
Come on girls, is better then wasting their time studying which I feel that has no life =X

Is like shopping! How many guys out there love to shop? A handful? because most of them prefers to do something else then to follow their girlfriends shop for her things.
Most of them will be like UGHHHH!!! What am I going to do when she is trying on 5 pairs of shoes in Charles and Keith? Is that going to be fast or going to take an hour? That's why mostly they get smarts phones and play games on it. 
Is probably the same feeling when they are playing games and you are waiting for them.
Gamers guys are just like any other guys!! Those addictive ones are usually trying to find something to do. Is like us getting absorb into a Korean drama and we want to finish the show however for games is kinda never ending unless is a RPG (Role playing game). But the good thing is that the other games they can usually stop whenever they want and continue next time. 

Usually when they get into a relationship they will try to split it up into two, trying to find time for both! Most of them won't be unreasonable by playing games 24/7. More of them will play it at night when you won't disturb them because usually they like to fully concentrate on the game. and what does that means? oh I can't go out with my boyfriend because he is too busy playing his games? well in other words is more own time or free time for you in the relationship! 

and think about it, When a guy give up his gaming time or games just to spend time with you, He really truly love you A LOT! So who knows you may just find that special guy that will do that for you! Won't you feel touched!!! 

Well Im going to blog about how to date one next time! After dating a few of them I feel there a way to make a happy relationship with a gamer guy XD! Shall blog next time! 

Im not trying to side them or saying they are better then the rest but they are OK!! They are fun to date and they are just like any normal guys!


3 Waffles:

  1. I know there is nothing wrong with dating a gamer guy, but a lot of the guys I know that play games often ignore their partners a little too much and put their games before their girlfriends, which I think is rude. Especially when new games come out! I wouldn't like to be ignored for a week because of a new game, or a sports tournament, or anything like that. Some gamer guys do that and it sucks. A few hours a day, sure, but not for a week! I think that puts off a lot of girls. Some girls may not want free time in a relationship. I'd like to spend as much time as I can with my boyfriend! But that's just me haha.

  2. Thats kinda sad, I know there is some who are like that because I dated a few before. Must those are the guys that doesn't work out for me haha!!!
    And yea the new game thing!! I know what you mean!! XD I shall blog on how to save your bf when a new game come out then LOL!!!

    I know how you feel totally~!

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