Oh my FOOD

I have decided to be more evil and for today blog post I am going to show everyone FOOD!
I usually take photos of food when they arrived for memories sake because most of the time the food is awesome and I need pictures to tell myself how awesome it is again and to go back and have it! 
Ok so I shall make you either quit your diet, make you very hungry or just drool at your computer screen. 
(Well my photo taking skills is not awesome at all BUT IS FOOD SO WHO CARES =x  THE FOOD IS AWESOME)  
Ok most of them for this post are old photos so is taken either with my phone camera or a very bad camera 
I ensure you, you can tell the difference =X! I will take sharper and nicer photos now!!! 

From Benten... seriously =( I miss it.. where you go to? 

From Tampopo!~ 

A must try from there! This is the cheese curry beef rice! 

royal copenhagen tea lounge.. sadly is close and TWG taken over the slot... I wonder where are they now 


2 Waffles:

  1. Ok there goes my diet x)
    Especially that gigantic parfait ice cream thing *_*
    aasdfdgjkd;a you evil woman (jk)


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