Vincent Birthday party with OT

Threw a party for vivi for his 24th birthday at my house with a few friends and an awesome "cake"
It actually a tart XD Strawberry flan cheese tart~ And is soo good that I didn't order a orea cheesecake for him but instead got this from Mooshi Bakes.
( Sadly they had to cut the cake already because of the sugar icing on the top soooo yea.. LOL it looks weird) 

and it happens that OT birthday was really near vivi birthday so they celebrate together. 
Vivi acting cute white OT face palming =X 

Happy Birthday Vincent! 
( Yea.. He didn't know where to cut because is already cut)

They were suppose to cut the cake TOGETHER! like wedding couples but OT find it gay. 
And my dog came and join the fun and OT got scared LOL 

Happy Birthday both of you!! 24 now! OLD LIAO XD 

and the best thing vincent was suppose to be thrown into the pool! 
Ok didn't really take much photos of it but it was super funny! 

and the 2nd time was for Vio! 
she won something or a bet or something and she is able to push vincent down for one time HAHA 

OT also cannot run!! 

Totally had a fun day and more fun was making my bf drunk because I wanted to see how much he can take XD (Im so evil)

Poor baby, everyone abuse you by taking a photo with you when you are drunk. 
Seems like a tradition thou =X


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  1. Wow! So fun! I loved this birthday bash a lot! Even I would be hosting the 15th birthday bash for my son but not able to decide on the theme. He loves chess so I think this theme can work for the party. If you have any recommendations for the affordable and most suitable New York venues for this day.


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