Friday, 20 July 2012

Shibuya Gals Gyaru meet up!~

Suppose to blog this earlier but I have been having problem with blogger =( like my photos not being uploaded.... So it was annoying me to the max! Finally today I can post up this event!
Last weekend was the Shibuya Gals Gyaru meet up event and it was really fun! 
Met a lot of people I want to meet and made new friends! Sadly Sochii couldn't make it.

At the event there was a makeover session going on to let people see how the gyaru sensei do makeup on their models! Is really fun to see because different people use different method to apply their makeup.

and at the same time interviewing people and talking about gyaru styles~

A real gyaru event!!~ Finally ^^ Singapore is lacking of it!

here is Wendy Ashley putting makeup for Sharbunny


Her hair reminds me of Jes XD pink seems like to be the IN colour seen like 6 people with that colour already ._.

Met Himeko there!!! Her outfit was damn cute! the bear hat made it even cuter!!! was talking to her most of the time!

Met seika there too and her bf!

Also met golly and she got the same maxi I bought XD
Not to mention she is so tall =X!

All the different style put together~

With hana!!~ Long time no see her too!

Cammy and Emi also came down to take a look!

Met steph there and she was so cool!

and of course kelly who is so cute as always~

Got to take and share this!! This was Hana shoes and it is damn cool!

camwhore XD

Me and Ashley!! XD damn cute girl!

Me and Wendy!!~

and himeko again! Poor girl is sick >

all having fun taking photos at the events~ And that was one of the best thing we did there XD

Took with Yun Wen too!! who was the organizer!!


Don't forget to like their facebook for more updates!!!~

Thank you Shibuya Gals for making such a great event!

Saturday, 14 July 2012


I know Im late but just recently I had curry at CoCoichibanya at Iluma!!

 and one of my favorite Japanese food is CURRY! So yes.. MUST EAT! 
I once tried this restaurant in China.. and I can say is that is not really good =( 
So tried it in singapore and homg is way better! (Bet japan is the best)

Went with a bunch of friends again to welcome a friend from KL (PK) 8D! 

Ok this look so wrong with my bag beside nik who is acting cute... 
Look like he was carrying it instead of me O-O"

ok time to talk about the curry rice!
Best thing here is that you can customize it so much to your own liking! 

What I love is the -100g of rice and the lvl 4 super hot curry 8D! wahaha!~ 
First up, My boyfriend ordered Seafood Curry!  Level 1

another seafood curry but level 4 spiciness 

Slice beef with level 5 curry!  with cheese

Jes seems super happy with hers XD

Chicken Katsu with level 3 curry and added veggie! 
because their normal curry doesn't come with veggie like potato or carrots =( 
and Im so use with curry that have potatos and carrots 

Omelette curry with chicken!  

Fried Chicken Curry! 

Hashed and beef curry if I remember correctly 

Overall it was a really good experience and I will go back there for the curry again! 
Will give their curry 4 star because the best curry to me is still from tampopo!! (Cheese beef curry!)
Shall be looking out for good curry rice more often!