I know Im late but just recently I had curry at CoCoichibanya at Iluma!!

 and one of my favorite Japanese food is CURRY! So yes.. MUST EAT! 
I once tried this restaurant in China.. and I can say is that is not really good =( 
So tried it in singapore and homg is way better! (Bet japan is the best)

Went with a bunch of friends again to welcome a friend from KL (PK) 8D! 

Ok this look so wrong with my bag beside nik who is acting cute... 
Look like he was carrying it instead of me O-O"

ok time to talk about the curry rice!
Best thing here is that you can customize it so much to your own liking! 

What I love is the -100g of rice and the lvl 4 super hot curry 8D! wahaha!~ 

First up, My boyfriend ordered Seafood Curry!  Level 1

another seafood curry but level 4 spiciness 

Slice beef with level 5 curry!  with cheese

Jes seems super happy with hers XD

Chicken Katsu with level 3 curry and added veggie! 
because their normal curry doesn't come with veggie like potato or carrots =( 
and Im so use with curry that have potatos and carrots 

Omelette curry with chicken!  

Fried Chicken Curry! 

Hashed and beef curry if I remember correctly 

Overall it was a really good experience and I will go back there for the curry again! 
Will give their curry 4 star because the best curry to me is still from tampopo!! (Cheese beef curry!)
Shall be looking out for good curry rice more often!


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