Monday, 13 August 2012

Hada Labo Eye cream and hydrating lotion (Sponsored review)

Whats the one thing that our skin need? 
WATER!! because without it, it will be really dry. 
but we can't just splash water and say is done. Thats why we drink water instead for our body. 

So how do we hydrate our skin? By using facial products that will let the skin absorb overnight and hydrate it for the day! 

Im sure you all don't like dry skin and neither do I. Been having it lately due to medication.
and I have been using Phyris and Avene products to hydatre my face. 
However those 2 products are not for the eyes. 
Yea I know, I said I won't do much sponser product anymore because my face really became bad for some products =(!! sadly... However I use at least 3 products from hada labo already and nothing seems to go wrong ^^! Guess is because is good for sensitive skin too! 
(Please note, My skin is sensitive until I can't use products like 'simple' and is like D8!!!)

Introducing a new product from Hada Labo! 
The Super Hyaluronic Acid  Moist Eye Cream
With nano hyaluronic acid for easy penetration into the skin to deeply moisturize it.
 Ok so that is all talk and what I read from the description.

A really small cute pump bottle which is fully white! 

When pump once this is how much I got. 

Looks really thick, one thing that come to my mind is I wonder how fast it absorb. 

So when I spread it over my hand first time. It looks like not all of it was absorb. 
And it looks like there is still a lot of cream on it. 

After the 2nd time I massage it, it looks like my skin absorb it already. 
So I feel that I need to massage this cream on my eye area for awhile to get the effect! 

Eye creams are really useful, Please don't neglect it! I have been reading about skin and eye creams is use to reduce wrinkles and eye bags as well as dark eye circles. 
Remember prevention is better than cure and is true. 
 So I shall be using this cream from now on to achieve better eyes~ 

Since they say eyes is the window to your soul =3 

Lets not forget the Hydrating lotion. 
I already got 2 bottles of the old hydrating lotion which is this one 

and yes I can agree that it is very good! Is very moist and hydrate my skin really well. 
and now Hada Labo is coming out with a new one with a brand new formula? 
Wow I wonder how much can it hydrate now 8D!

So this is their new hydrating lotion which looks exactly the same 
just that it have the new nano hyaluronic acid which the eye cream also have. 

Texture, odour, and colour is still the same but I feel it absorb a little faster.
or maybe is just me. 
Well, I always feel I need to use at least 2 weeks to see the results so let me go try it out now!

Once again thank you Hada Labo ^^~

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Ahri at Cosfest 2012

I know I haven blog about cosfest x2 day 2 yet... and a lot of other things but i just got to blog about this cosfest! 
Which I did Ahri the Nine-Tailed Fox from League of Legends. 
A character that most of my friends didn't know that I would do.
Did it with my cute partner Max which is the same character but different version.

 Photo taken by Nik 

Well more people know that I prefer Dota2 than LoL because I feel LoL is such an easy game..
and when I played LoL, I love Ahri the most so thats why Im doing her.

I know Im not better then Miyuko or Neneko but I hope I didn't burn your eyes.
Will try better next time for photoshoot!~ 

Taken by Razrig

Somehow always one of my cosfest days will be stressful because of the costume or the props. 
and this time is the TAILS! yup you all should know the tails is a bitch to make. 
and we tried brainstorming it for many days to weeks. 
kinda chiong the tails around a week and half for me and max. so thats is 18 TAILS ALTOGETHER! 

and as always my whole room was in a mess!! haha 
cannot resist taking photos. 

Prototype.. not that good.. going to make again using another way. 

 The one thing that I will say that Im good in... Painting my costumes LOL!

When we look at this pile... all i can say is... HOMG STILL GOT SO MANY TO GO 

 Magic balls and hearts~ 

and on that day of the event! 
x-x we barely finish the day before.. so yea really tiring. 
and sadly the croset can been seen because is too big T-T!! I need a smaller one.

 and to my beloved boyfriend vincent~ Thank you so much for your help and sai kang for us on that day.  Love you~

with my cute loli ahri~ 

and of course the fun part is not only cosplaying but when you meet your friends during events and you do stupid stuff like this XD! 

really really fun! but super hard to move around!!! and the sad news is that around 3 -4 of our tails broke =( sadly! 
Well Time to do a better one again...
(  I keep saying that == But im like so busy...)