SANOFI The soap that all females must try! (Sponsored review)


STOP! This blog post shall be for females only!! 
Because Im about to talk about something that will be beneficial to every girl. 

Im sure not many people will ure a feminine wash for their private parts and we will just use our normal soap to just wash our whole body.

ok.. this kind of bar soap is the worst! So yea don't ever use a bar soap! But normally we would use soap like Dove.  
However, The pH level may be too high or too low for our body to take it, thats why there is special soap which the right pH level to clean ourselves. 
or else if you have sensitive skin like me.. You will have rash, itch and dry skin all over.

So I had the chance to try SANOFI first lightening intimate wash which is just introduced in Singapore. 
Why lightening? because many girls like being fair, and we all want to lighten to skin one way or another. Thats why we have so many whitening or lightening products. 
So instead of putting lotion to leave overnight we have a body wash that works that way too! 

So I receive a really nice box from SANOFI!! Which they are letting me try their products. 

 Two new products and a scrub to try!  

First up! 
Their Lactacyd White Intimate. 

 This is their lastest product which is the first intimate wash with lightening properties. 
For a short time I tried a female intimate wash (kinda forgot the brand but is pink in colour) but there was no lightening properties. Basically it was a normal soap to be but less foam/soap.
However this one got lightening effect which you can see the effects in around 2 months. 
Ok thats long right? but there will be the effect! without you knowing! 

The pH level is 5.2 and is made with natural ingredients. 
and to me, Im loving the smell!  
You can get it at all leading pharmacies at 13.90SGD for 250ml 

I haven been using long enough but Im like using it as normal soap, somewhat I feel is light on my skin and is not giving me any reactions. (like skin itcheness) 

remenber is important to use a wash for your intimate parts because you need to clean it to prevent infection. not to mention is really annoying and embarrassing if those areas have problems. 

Besides the whitening soap, there is also the moisturizing one! which is orange in colour. 
This one I was really looking forward to. I was previously using  QV soap because of my skin, and I need to moisture it daily. So this soap should be helping me even more! 

It also say that there is firming effect o-o" Thats one think I didn't know that can be put in a soap.. 

The pH level is the same as the blue one which is 5.2 and is also made with natural ingredients! Yay for natural stuff!!!
So it was said that people will be seeing results in 4 weeks time so I still need to use it more. 

The smell is just as nice as the blue one~ really nice flowery smell!
You can get it at all leading pharmacies at 13.90SGD for 250ml  

 Is important to keep ourselves clean, I won't have to say more for that. Everyone should know how important it is. However sometimes we just don't know what to use or what to do for our private side on our body because who can we ask? is embarrassing.. like for myself I won't ask anyone.. Probably just look up the net and pray that no one checks my history.. 
Who knows what they may think.

Well now there is this soap, I will sure buy it because someone has show me the answers already!

Now here is some exciting news! Want to try first before buying? 
All you need to do is go to and for the password just copy and paste 
THAT EASY! So go and get your free trial kit now! 
Good things must share ^^! 


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