Saturday, 27 October 2012

Gyaru photoshoot at Garden By the Bay Part 1

 Did a gyaru photoshoot with staci mid of this month and it was one of the most fun shoot I ever had!
Her friend Leah who is a make-up artist did my makeup for all 3 outfits that day! 
It was a really fun experience and totally want to do it again XD! 
 The shoot was at Garden by the bay and it was my first time going there. 
One thing I shall comment is AIRCON!!! So nice and cool inside! 
Those plants have the life! Nice sunlight and nice cool air. =( unlike us have to melt everyday under the hot sun. 

So in this photoshoot you will see my boyfriend as a prop =X because I wanted the shoot to be a bit more like popteen! like when they have guys as props WAHAHA! 

First outfit was a liz lisa inspired flora maxi dress! 
Leah did a bow hairstyle for me and added the ribbon to look like rabbit ears XD
Match the dress with my liz lisa bag!

The next outfit is one of my favorite outfit Liz lisa high low summer flora dress. 
 Mine is in mint colour and totally love it! 
and  I match it with my HnM petal hairband 

Took this picture fast and furiouse! because it felt like I was sinking into the soil! 
Was like so scared because the ground was so soft! But the picture turn out great! 
Thank you staci!

 and then it was Vincent time for photoshoot when Leah was doing my makeup and hair change for the last outfit. 
Somehow his hair doesn't look as good because he went to cut it and the guy didn't do a good job at all!! Nuuuuu! but I still find him cute and handsome =P

Ok thats all for part 1! The more flora cutie style! Part 2 will be the last outfit and is pretty different. 
The makeup is also really different! Will blog about it soon 8D~ 


Saturday, 20 October 2012

In just one month.

I'm so sorry I went MIA for like so long is because I have been in a down side in my life for this month. and been finding ways to cheer me up like playing games and going out with my friends.
Couldn't really use the computer to blog because I don't have enough time to do so at home.
So sorry to all my readers ><!!! Im still alive ya 8D!

Got quite a lot of things happening in the month of October.  Did a gyaru photoshoot with Staci and there was also ben's wedding and other more little events~

 There is also my school and all the food I have cook!~~

FOOD, FOOD AND MORE FOOD XD!!! many more to come! Im like thinking.. because i have more time now maybe I should make bentos and put it up XD! always love doing it.

Ther is still other things that have been happening and I shall blog that later XD next blog post coming up is the gyaru photoshoot!