Monday, 28 January 2013

Kapibara for 2013

And so is 2013 and My love for Kapibara is still not going down! Why?
 Because for my birthday I got new kapibaras and for the new year I  bought 1 kapibara! 


There is acutally 3- 4  more kapibara inside hiding and overlapping each other =X 
Because 1 kapibara is not enough I needed to get more! 
So last year I got the Xmas Kapibara and Snake Kapibara! 


See how cute it is! Is like the kapibara is cosplaying a snake because of this year!! 
Not only that many of my friends think is that the snake is biting the kapibara! 
anyway Is damn cute!! XD 

and this is the next one I bought for the new year!!! 
THIS  IS MY 85CM KAPIBARA! Which was COMPRESS in to a vacuum pack to ship it from overseas! 
I was like staring at it the whole time thinking HOW THE HELL IS THIS A 85CM KAPIBARA! Is barely HALF OF IT! and then Vincent started to open it up and let the air in and the kapibara started to grow! 
HOMG! The scene was just FUNNY! is like a balloon! The kapibara was like growing and growing! 

and so now My little big kapibara is happily on my bed sleeping with me everyday 8D! 

To compare the size with all the the kapibaras 


Igonore the alpaca XD she wanted to join the family.
And please note that this is not my full collection =X there is still a whole garbage bag of it but my bed got no space so needed to hide them somewhere first XD

and so the next kapibara I am aiming is the Jewel kapibara! LOOK AT IT SO CUTE!
Put it as my work laptop so that I can stare at it everyday hee hee hee! 

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Hoshino Coffee! A cafe that sweet lovers MUST GO

Finally my review about Hoshino Coffee cafe which just became my favorite cafe to go to now in town. 

This cafe is becoming well known for its queue in the new plaza singapura wing. Which tons of people doesn't mind waiting for a table and their food! Why? BECAUSE IS JUST TOO GOOD! 

I been there 3 times already and all I can say is I WANT MORE! 

So when you are waiting outside for a seat, there is a table at the side with a spread of fake food to show you what they are serving! 
Is like HUGE rements! Totally my favorite! If only I can put this in my room and stare at it! 

As you can see they are replicating to make it look like the original which many Japanese restaurants does. And I can say this, What you see here is what you get! The portion and everything! 

Look at all the pretty fake food! Just making you want to try the real one! 

Ok so enough of the fake food! Now to the real thing! 
First time I went I just got to try their pancake! IS LIKE A MUST TO ME! IS PANCAKES! 
So I ordered their normal pancake souffle style with just butter and maple! 

Price is $9.80 without GST or service charge 

and Oh god... THIS IS HEAVEN! Is like I just ate a little bit of heaven and I just want more! 
Is way different from all the pancakes I have eaten! This is the JAPANESE STYLE! 
The butter just goes perfectly with pancakes and is super good when is hot! 
together with the maple it all ties in together as the perfect dessert or breakfast! 
This to me is a must try! 

Next my Boyfriend ordered the Green tea Souffle being a hardcore fan of green tea. 
So is like a must try for him. 
Im not really a big fan but I did took a bite and it was so nice and fluffy! 
To me if the green tea souffle taste so good the vanilla one will be better! 
He told me this was so good and one of the better one he have tasted! It melts in your mouth and with the vanilla ice cream at the side it just completes it all! 

Price is $9.80 without GST or service charge (add 0.50 for ice cream or cream) 

Oh must I say the vanilla ice cream is so thick and the flavor is just overwhelming! 
And just add $0.50 to top up with any pancakes or souffle order! 

Then we came back another day to try something else. Their FRENCH TOAST! One of the HOT favorites there! Been seeing everyone eating it! 
Price is $9.80 without GST or service charge

So when it arrived, we saw a plate of french toast and a scoop of  ice cream? 
when we took a bite it was actually CREAM XD 

What do you need to know about this dish? Is pure happiness! Is just so good that you want more! It almost taste chewy but also like a cake! I can't describe it! You must try for yourself! 
Really one of the best! 

And so I went again this time with Himeko and Ashley! 
and we were hanging out together and I was making then drool because I was raving about this cafe so much! So we decided to have lunch here! 

Himeko decided to order the green tea sundae and a salad! 
Which the sundae came first! 
With jelly, ice cream, asuki beans! this is really a Japanese sundae paradise! 

Cute himeko camwhoring with her sundae XD 

Then her salad came! Pretty normal to me, and she say so herself.

But my dish came next and this is HOMG DIE DIE MUST EAT! 
Is the Hoshino curry baked rice! 
Topped off with pork sausages and egg and beef curry! 
This! Is prefect for lunch or dinner. Filling and awesomely good! 
This is too good for words, just as perfect as their dessert! I was like almost licking it clean! 

Look at the egg! Soft boiled egg with the yolk still intact! 

Ashley ordered the clam chowder soup and she said it was really good! 
I tried a bit and it was really creamy and thick! and the filling was good! 
Not to mention the thick toast at the side too! 

So Ashley also ordered the mango fruitie pancake! and for someone who love pancakes and fruits and ice cream! You got to order this! 

and then once again! I ordered the french toast for all to share! And himeko who doesn't really eat carbo said it was really good! So is a TOTALLY MUST TRY! 

and of course a happy photo of us who had a really good brunch!  

Hoshino Coffee Cafe
 68 Orchard Road, #03-84 
at Plaza Singapura New wing  (Atrium@Orchard)
Singapore 238839
Tel: 6338 3277
Opening hours: 11:30am – 9:00pm 
This is one cafe that all Japanese sweet lovers must go! 

Monday, 14 January 2013

Dinner at W Singapore

So last year (2012) I needed to go to my aunts wedding anniversary and she was hosting it at Hotel W Singapore. Never ever heard of it before but my mom told me it was at sentosa cove. 
Took me and vincent around 45mins to find where it is and we were driving around sentosa finding where the hell is this hotel! End up is really deep in sentosa cove. (I even went to some condos thinking is a hotel x-x")

Didn't have time to take the outside so here is some public photos from their FB

ok now for my photos which is not as nice as theirs! Rofl!
This was taken at my aunt's room which was a really nice view. I think it will even be nicer in the morning.

Couldn't really take the dinner hall but I took the pretty table that my cousin did! 
Theme was black and pink and it was really nicely decorated!

I know Im not as good as those food bloggers but WHO DON'T LOVE FOOD 8D! 
So here was the buffet spread by W Singapore. 

(Me being me again.. I take photos of desserts first)

 Hazelnut mousse and Raspberry cheescake.

Orea tiramisu

Toppings for Icecream~

A must have chocolate fountain! 

 Malay style stingray

Craving corner! 

Japanese corner! 

Cold dish area! With oysters, Crab and Prawn! 

With my baby who was stuffing himself with sashimi the whole night!

 The lightning was horrible so I couldn't take a decent photo! OH WELL XD

and now I just need blog this!! WHAT DO YOU THINK THESE ARE?!??!?!

 Many couldn't guess what it is and many is thinking is just some funky art thingy or interior.

and it was a helmet for people making phone call!
Such a cute design! 

When you "enter" or put your head in one of it. You can totally feel that the sound around you is muffled!
So I ask my boyfriend to give a demo!

and of course he love to be silly like this!

So I ask him be serious and he gave me this. 
He looks like he is going to receive some drastic news of his account being hack!

So I decided to tour around the hotel a bit and saw this GIANT CANDY! IS A FREAKING GIANT CANDY!!!! 


*Drama period* 
Oh baby, Lets take a tour around outside and sit below the GIANT CANDY and dream of sweets~

 =3 so want that LOL

 and here is their business room. where the computer and printer is. 
Usually I see like normal computers there BUT HERE GOT A FREAKING MAC! AND IS HUGE ONE TOO! 

 and outside is like this gathering place which I find it soo nice! Really like the lamp. 

 and this is outside of the lift..  
a sleeping rocking chair? or whatever it is. 
filled with fur and pillow. 
Like imagine the lift goes open and see a guy who is sitting like that there. 

Ok so this is my trip to hotel W Singapore. I would love to go back there again and sit by the GIANT CANDY!