Jewelove Eyelash No1 (Sponsered Review)

This product review will be about

Recieved my lashes not long ago from my sponsers and Im really happy to try out the product!!
Always seeing them at Wastson at the gyaru corner, I am always tempted to buy it.
And my wish came true as they are letting me try it now!
So the two lashes that was pick for me is this two!

Jewelove No 1 and Eyemazing No. 703

So first up is Jewelove Eyelash No 1!

So I tried it first because it almost look like Daimond Lash (Pink) Beauty Eye.
Which give a more hime look. And decieded to wear it for the eve of Chinese New year

So this is the first look for the lashes before trying them out. 
The curls are more hard and define then Dollywink lashes.
and first look you can tell that is using a hard base.  

So this is how it looks like when I wore them.
The curls and lash itself is very define and is more dramatic. So girls who want a more natural look, this is not for you.

So this is my review for Jewelove Eyelash No 1

Base - Hard but firm. So is not as soft as dollywink. So is not as comfort as Dollywink is.

Lashes Curl - Really strong as I didn't need to push it up or curl it before hand. It will stay for hours and won't go down.

Length - Really long! and to me is the desired length!

Cleaning ( I always clean my lashes so I like to compare this ) - Honestly, this is harder to clean then most lashes because of the base but because is hard after cleaning the lash will still look intact and new. 
It won't be out of shape like other lashes as it tends to bend other ways when cleaning.   

Price - $22.90 For a pair of two pair which is cheaper then some lashes in the market.
(So Now my aim is to actually try all Jewelove lash! I alreday went to buy No 7 =X so going to review it soon) 

So go and try it out and tell me what you think! 
See ya!

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