Ragnarok Online 2 and MoValkyrie

Ragnarok Online is my most favorite game!!! AND IM SURE A LOT OF YOU KNOWS XD! and of course PLAYS IT 8D! And in my other post Im playing RAGNAROK ONLINE 2 NOW! WOOT!

I know some people is already sick of this game and many is telling me to jump over tera or other games!
But NO Im sorry =P My love for RO is still here!! 
So time for some SCREENIES! 

So first thing Why I love Ragnarok Online so much is because of the monsters! 
Is so damn cute =3! Like the very famous PORING! 

And all the other cute monster which I screenshot them! 

They look like giant smores! 

and way on to the next thing! Classes! Im just really sad that there is no more dancer =( Hopefully it will come back next time. So I choose Priest again this time because I know it will be an endangered class.
Say hello to the pretty Priest!

AND YES! Finally Im level 50 with EPIC GEARS!!! Geared with COA Epics and now my costume is WHITE! =D 

All thanks to my wonderful guild MoValkyrie! 
Who is helping one another to gain level and Fight raids! 
So now I shall spam screenshot about my raids and Guild mates! 
And how we have fun together! 

and of course without them~ My Ro2 life will be just BLEH! Because they made it extra fun! 

So Come and Join us at MoValkyrie! 

So if you are wondering why MoValkyrie is our guild name. It is pretty simple. 
Mo = MOMO, Valkyrie = Valkyrie. 
Since Valkyrie was taken. and we had no idea what to put next. 
Ethel, Vincent and me was like throwing random names everywhere!
example : MOMO! , MOMO IS GOD!, KILLVIN, VALLKIE, NOMIE, GURLIZE, And a whole alot of other names till I saw momo cuddling to me and I just name is MoValkyrie. =X 

Awesome name right 8D! all from just a cuddle! 
So from now onward my guild name shall be Movalkyrie for all other games too XD 


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