Before purchasing a service.

This blog post is partly a complaint but more of a warning for others. Is mainly due to those beauty services and shops out there. Where once in a live time you will face a typically salesperson who will hard sell you one of their products. Once again this is not for products, these are more like services. Like hair salons.

Admit it..
Who likes to be attack by these people and face them?
Whats more sometime they just convince you so much into buying something which you don't need or worst something that you don't one. However at that moment you just want it?
Or ever after you said no, they will still come after you and beg you?

These pesky sales people who are trying to do their job but also make you feel uncomfortable by squeezing every single cent out of you. And once they did it, that is one of the most awful feeling you will ever get.

So usually the case is you either won something, bought a coupon or voucher or just want to try out the place to see if is good. And before you know it, that's when the hard sell comes in saying how good it is and how good is it for you to buy it.  Yea probably is that good right? but some are just right down ridiculous.

This is what I got to tell you all before you sign up or pay anything.

1. Blogs 

Yea I blog, but there is 1 million billion people out there that also do. I'm not trying to say is pin point any blog now but there one thing I notice. Is that when one company is using bloggers for their service, well you are going to expect the same thing from one blog to another. Usually they say how good it is but is it really the truth? Since I know some told me that they had no choice because is sponsor. So end up who lose out? you. those who are paying.

Simply put because when a company know they are giving blogger sponsor item to blog about. ( which is like free media post) They will do their best to make it look awesome! Like give you THE BEST SERVICE YOU CAN EVER HAVE!
When you are just their normal customer, most of them true colours come out and honestly you just feel used.

So check the blogs, if all started to put the same thing or same the same stuff. Like trying a hair product and EVERYONE have the same product or service. You know they are not saying something. Look for those which paid for it and see their comments about it. In most cases you will see opposite remarks and that will make you think twice of purchasing it.

When blogger who actually pay for the service and say is good. Now that's when you know it is good!

2. Researching the company 

Like checking their website. Check if they got facebook or twitter. Check if there is happy customers or there is none at all. All this makes a company look appealing or not.

Sometime they may have a website but do check for their sister company or upper. Since you will never know the bad reputation could be from their other companies and this is their new one. Which then you know that they will do the same thing again.

Do check if they have awards and check what kind of awards. If is magazine awards, all I can say is don't really trust them. Since right now I just found out most of them are paid awards. Do check for like Singapore brand awards. Since right now to me is still not that bias then the magazine kind.

3. The people working there

One thing I notice is that foreigner like PRC push more and hard sell more then Singaporeans. Which comes to the point that seeing who works there is really one point to see if they will hard sell you where ever you go. And when I mean where ever I really meant it.

Example : A place I went recently for a service and they can call me 4 - 5 times a week asking me why I didn't go back for an appointment and when I am coming back. I told the first 2 nicely that I was coming the following week on a date and time and the rest will be like huh? no le? what? I got so angry with the last one that I just said IM COMING ON THIS DAY AND THIS TIME. THANK YOU.  If the people can't even organize themselves, what makes you think their company are?

Usually if there is more Singaporeans working there, I feel they won't hard sell until you need to push them away.

4. Friends

Ask your friends about it! Most of the time your friends will give you their honest comments and tell you the truth! Is one of the best source out there and once they tell you their experience or friend experience, you can then judge for yourself is that place is good or not.

So this is my list right now that will probably save you your money if you are going to purchase something which is not really worth it. Since other people mistake can help you too and it really help to share reviews. If anyone else got things or experience to share please comment!


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