Another day!

Been a while since I blog because I was so busy with my life like work!. Work really drains the life out of you man! Especially in Singapore! So need to work harder for my dreams and goals! Cannot wait!

So while I was busy at work I had some spare time also and I so needed to do my hair because I hated it so much!
And this is the outcome. Also  just nice Vincent was also doing his hair at Jean Yip haha! So now he doesn't have curly hair.

A photo of us with our hair at USS =P! I so didn't wanted to put lashes that day!

Went out last week to watch the new monster university too and really wanted to wear my new dress! 
Im really loving it! It feels like Im wearing a wedding dress thou when Im driving x-x! But love how flowy it feels! 

I also bought 3 new hairbands!! ahhh Cannot resist! I so want to buy more kawaii headbands! Shall go and stalk the shops. 

And so when I have a kawaii headband I just NEED to do this! Trying it out on your Boyfriend! wahahha 

Cute neko!

So we went to watch this movie once is out and I must say I really love it! Just as much as the first one! 
Just like making you feel like you are going to uni but this one with more fun! Will so recommend this to people and I so don't mind watching it again. 
However the next movie that I want to watch is.. 


So must watch! and everyone is booking their seat for the sneak preview already! CRAZY! 
Well I shouldn't say so much.. I mean Singapore people are already crazy for hello kitty from mac...
So after a long day and need to camwhore ma! Just cannot take it so loving my pink highlights! Maybe next time I go dye the whole head pink like xiaxue Rofl! 


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