Sunday, 25 August 2013

Must have! The Pore Brush.

One of the things that is a must buy for me now. 

Bought this pore brush around last month since it was only $3! (it was on sale =X)
I always wanted to try like clarisonic or other pore brushes which many say was really good with the vibrating and spinning!  

However because I do have sensitive skin. I decided to try this brush because you can control how much pressure you want to rub on your skin. 

When it arrived I just had to try it out right! So texture was SUPER smooth and when use on face is not rough at all!

So this is what it says first on the site. Which I bought it from Qoo10 XD
Honestly to me. sometime these kind of pictures is like tooo good to be true. 
So the first thing I went to do is try. Of course not on a lemon. but on my hands. 
The concealer Im using is pore putty and to me is one of the hardest to wash off. Usually I take 2 - 3 time to feel really clean. 
So this is my take for the pore brush! My version 8D! 

Using Pore putty as the concealer and a nude lipstick. Which you can tell from the shade. 

So my makeup remover is the Bifesta Cleansing Gel which is really light and good for removing makeup! 
I prefer gel that those water/oil that you put on the cotton pad and swipe off. 

So I apply one the first one to show that I will be RUBBING IT WITH MY HANDS. 
which you can see a bit of it came out already

Then rinse it off with luke water. 

and this is the result for just by using the cleansing gel and rubbing. 
Usually for my whole face I have to use it 3 times before I feel my face is clean. ._. kinda sad huh.

Now to use the pore brush instead! Put some gel on the area. 

Then use the pore brush and scrub in a circular motion
(ok sorry I can't show you that way because I was trying to  use one hand and taking with the other)

This is how it look like after scrubbing. 

Rinse it off and then you can see the result! 

TAHDAH!! Good as new!! And it really feel that clean on my face too! 

So I guess what they post in that photos was right =X 

and honestly, I think my pores are getting a bit smaller. Well I think I need to use it more!! XD

So to all my readers!! If you ever wanted to try the others cleaning brushes, you can start off with this to get a feel. then move on to like clarisonic! 

And for those who want to know where I bought it! I got it from here!! 

Saturday, 24 August 2013

Saving Powder Makueup!!!

So recently... I drop my favorite foundation and cracked it into bits. T^T was so sad that I needed to buy a new one.... which I didn't wanted to. It was expensive and I don't really have the cash for it now. 

See how bad it is... Can't even use it at all!!! (sniff sniff)
Then I remember I saw online somewhere that you can actually save your powder makeup! 
I mean, if you rather save your money then buy a new one, why not try it right! 

So this was the one I remember and Google it out to find it.
So I was desperate... and I went to buy rubbing Alcohol just to try it! 

Seems pretty easy right! Yea thats what I thought too... ok so here is my version. 

So this is what you need in my version! 
The rubbing Alcohol can be purchase at watson and guardian around the pharmacy area where all the bandage and other chemical is. 
Is around $5 if i remember correctly. so yea! beats buying a new one! and you can use it for other things like cleaning stuff! 

- Clear Wrap (the kind which you use to keep your food) 
- Rubbing Alcohol ( It says it needed to be 70% )
- A spatula or something that you can smash and smooth it out. 
- A brush 
- and tissue! to clean!  

Got my cracked powder. and wrap it up like it says so. 

I took a butter knife instead of a spatula and started mashing it up! (This is the fun part hahaha) 

And it will turn out something like this.
(With the wrap) 

(Without the wrap)
Like a whole fine powder altogether. 

and so we add rubbing alcohol next! 
(ok this part is tricky.. because i didn't know how much to put. 
End up I think I put really a lot because you needed to make it into a paste.
Is really not a just a few drop. it was like more then 10 - 20. )

and start to mix is like a paste!!! which is also fun but if you are a perfectionist. good luck. 
You must really add until is a paste everywhere or else is really hard to mix it.

and... TAH DAH! My paste foundation which looks super ugly haha! This is the best I could do! 

and then they say smoother out the edges.. which I don't really see any difference, just brush marks =\ 
Or maybe Im just doing it wrongly. 

Ok so this is how it look like when I put it out to dry! And please air dry it, don't take your hairdryer and blow it. I think it will come out in a mess.
(Ugly hor! LOL) 

and this is after a night pass and it looks like this. Well not like perfect when I first bought it but IS USABLE! I CAN USE IT AGAIN! THE POWDER IS JUST LIKE THE ORIGINAL! 

Hopefully my blog post will help you all for fixing your own makeup! 
Because saving money is a really good feeling! and Saving something! 

Sunday, 18 August 2013

Poulet, Amazing French Roast Chicken

Shall blog about food again! And this time is about 

Poulet, Amazing French Roast Chicken! 

The one cafe that I totally wanted to try but is long queue almost everyday! 
I always pass by it at Bugis+ and I just stare at the food they are eating!! 

And I got to say, The hype is true! Is worth it, worth the wait , worth the price! 
(Expect the water.. I don't know why everywhere is charging water now. WHY?!?!?!?) 

So me and my boyfriend went on a date to eat this because he got his pay Wahah. 
Usually while waiting for food should camwhore right. Ok not really we talk more XD 


So we decided to order half a chicken because Vincent thought we couldn't finish. (BIG MISTAKE) 

Yea thats HALF a chicken... SHOULD HAVE ORDER FULL!!
And this cost around $18 but is so worth it. 
The chicken is so tender and soft and with the cream sauces is like heaven in your mouth!
Everything is just right about this chicken right here and you won't want to eat that cold storage chicken anymore! =X opps

So we order some sides for the chick. 
Which is mashed potato and Mix Sauteed mushroom with somehow got a egg too. 

Ze mashed Potato~ Which was so smooth and nice! Is not watery too! Is probably blended many time.  

Ze Mushroom which left my boyfriend speechless and well eating the whole thing up. 
It has a good mix of mushroom like portobello, Enoki, Button and others. 
I still don't know why there is an egg ther but hey IS AN EGG! EAT IT! 

And also the famous french onion soup! 
Only for people who love onions! because my boyfriend didn't like it. 
Mix of sweet and a bit of salty. add a bit of cracked pepper and is perfect for me XD! 
Really nice! But probably a bit too much after awhile. 

All this and is around $38+ going to $40. Quite worth is for a amazing french ROAST CHICKEN! 

Now, if you wanna go try it out, please try to go during off peak hours if you do not want to queue! 
I just realize that they open more stores now! So instead of just great world and Bugis+ 
There is another 3 more stores! 

But to post for this one. I went to this store. 

201 Victoria Street 
Singapore 188067
Tel : 6509 9411
11.30am to 10pm 

(When you go up the escalator, you can't miss this shop because is right infront of you!)


Monday, 5 August 2013

Hada Labo Perfect Gel! (Sponsor)

Hey guys!! Time to blog again! And this time is about A new product that I was given to try from Hada Labo! 

I got to admit, I love Hada Labo! I been using some of their products already and it doesn't harm my face like giving me breakouts, rashes or redness! YAYNESS RIGHT! =)! Since I have Combination and sensitive skin, finding a product brand which won't have any side effect is really hard. I tried countless and Im still scared to try some brands now. But for Hada Labo, Im Willing to give it a shot!

So Hada Labo has given me the Perfect gel AND A CUTE PANDA EYE MASK! 

So I been using their Hada Labo Hydrating Lotion for night and morning so when they given me this  I decided to apply this after I apply the Lotion. 

IS GOLD!!! Which they are trying to tell you is perfect I guess. 
I would love it more if is pink HAHA! Silly me =x 

My comments of the Gel from first look. It looks really moist.
 Is thick and not watery but when you apply it is different! 

SO NEED TO TRY RIGHT! Ok Apply on my hand first. 
 - Not Oily or Greasy! YAY
- Not that watery which will flow off your hand 
- Smells good~ 
- Absorb quite fast! 
- Doesn't feel sticky or anything like that but really smooth! 

So after all this one the hand Need to try on the face right! 

No point showing you before and after face photo. Because when you apply it, it doesn't give you any colour or show HOMG IMMEDIATE DIFFERENT!! 
I tried it for at least 3 days before blogging this and I can say that after the first day I was falling in love with it already!

So far I been using The Hada Labo Lotion + Avene Cleanance Emulsion Lotion + Snail Street Cream. So now I have added the Perfect gel, and the difference was when I wake up in the morning. I can see the difference of how moist and hydrate my skin feels! Like WOAH! THIS IS THE EFFECT? 
And that was the reason why I fell in love with it. Usually I don't see my product work until morning but this really keep the moist there. So like this gel is really AWESOME! 


The price of this gel is going at $35.90 but judging from this bottle you can probably use it around 2 months if you use it wisely and not put like a hand full of it. 

I will definitely buy this again with the Hydrating Lotion and make it my permanent daily night skin care! 

Thanks Hada Labo once again ^^ I really love your products.