Hada Labo Perfect Gel! (Sponsor)

Hey guys!! Time to blog again! And this time is about A new product that I was given to try from Hada Labo! 

I got to admit, I love Hada Labo! I been using some of their products already and it doesn't harm my face like giving me breakouts, rashes or redness! YAYNESS RIGHT! =)! Since I have Combination and sensitive skin, finding a product brand which won't have any side effect is really hard. I tried countless and Im still scared to try some brands now. But for Hada Labo, Im Willing to give it a shot!

So Hada Labo has given me the Perfect gel AND A CUTE PANDA EYE MASK! 

So I been using their Hada Labo Hydrating Lotion for night and morning so when they given me this  I decided to apply this after I apply the Lotion. 

IS GOLD!!! Which they are trying to tell you is perfect I guess. 
I would love it more if is pink HAHA! Silly me =x 

My comments of the Gel from first look. It looks really moist.
 Is thick and not watery but when you apply it is different! 

SO NEED TO TRY RIGHT! Ok Apply on my hand first. 
 - Not Oily or Greasy! YAY
- Not that watery which will flow off your hand 
- Smells good~ 
- Absorb quite fast! 
- Doesn't feel sticky or anything like that but really smooth! 

So after all this one the hand Need to try on the face right! 

No point showing you before and after face photo. Because when you apply it, it doesn't give you any colour or show HOMG IMMEDIATE DIFFERENT!! 
I tried it for at least 3 days before blogging this and I can say that after the first day I was falling in love with it already!

So far I been using The Hada Labo Lotion + Avene Cleanance Emulsion Lotion + Snail Street Cream. So now I have added the Perfect gel, and the difference was when I wake up in the morning. I can see the difference of how moist and hydrate my skin feels! Like WOAH! THIS IS THE EFFECT? 
And that was the reason why I fell in love with it. Usually I don't see my product work until morning but this really keep the moist there. So like this gel is really AWESOME! 


The price of this gel is going at $35.90 but judging from this bottle you can probably use it around 2 months if you use it wisely and not put like a hand full of it. 

I will definitely buy this again with the Hydrating Lotion and make it my permanent daily night skin care! 

Thanks Hada Labo once again ^^ I really love your products. 


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