Must have! The Pore Brush.

One of the things that is a must buy for me now. 

Bought this pore brush around last month since it was only $3! (it was on sale =X)
I always wanted to try like clarisonic or other pore brushes which many say was really good with the vibrating and spinning!  

However because I do have sensitive skin. I decided to try this brush because you can control how much pressure you want to rub on your skin. 

When it arrived I just had to try it out right! So texture was SUPER smooth and when use on face is not rough at all!

So this is what it says first on the site. Which I bought it from Qoo10 XD
Honestly to me. sometime these kind of pictures is like tooo good to be true. 
So the first thing I went to do is try. Of course not on a lemon. but on my hands. 
The concealer Im using is pore putty and to me is one of the hardest to wash off. Usually I take 2 - 3 time to feel really clean. 
So this is my take for the pore brush! My version 8D! 

Using Pore putty as the concealer and a nude lipstick. Which you can tell from the shade. 

So my makeup remover is the Bifesta Cleansing Gel which is really light and good for removing makeup! 
I prefer gel that those water/oil that you put on the cotton pad and swipe off. 

So I apply one the first one to show that I will be RUBBING IT WITH MY HANDS. 
which you can see a bit of it came out already

Then rinse it off with luke water. 

and this is the result for just by using the cleansing gel and rubbing. 
Usually for my whole face I have to use it 3 times before I feel my face is clean. ._. kinda sad huh.

Now to use the pore brush instead! Put some gel on the area. 

Then use the pore brush and scrub in a circular motion
(ok sorry I can't show you that way because I was trying to  use one hand and taking with the other)

This is how it look like after scrubbing. 

Rinse it off and then you can see the result! 

TAHDAH!! Good as new!! And it really feel that clean on my face too! 

So I guess what they post in that photos was right =X 

and honestly, I think my pores are getting a bit smaller. Well I think I need to use it more!! XD

So to all my readers!! If you ever wanted to try the others cleaning brushes, you can start off with this to get a feel. then move on to like clarisonic! 

And for those who want to know where I bought it! I got it from here!! 


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