Poulet, Amazing French Roast Chicken

Shall blog about food again! And this time is about 

Poulet, Amazing French Roast Chicken! 

The one cafe that I totally wanted to try but is long queue almost everyday! 
I always pass by it at Bugis+ and I just stare at the food they are eating!! 

And I got to say, The hype is true! Is worth it, worth the wait , worth the price! 
(Expect the water.. I don't know why everywhere is charging water now. WHY?!?!?!?) 

So me and my boyfriend went on a date to eat this because he got his pay Wahah. 
Usually while waiting for food should camwhore right. Ok not really we talk more XD 


So we decided to order half a chicken because Vincent thought we couldn't finish. (BIG MISTAKE) 

Yea thats HALF a chicken... SHOULD HAVE ORDER FULL!!
And this cost around $18 but is so worth it. 
The chicken is so tender and soft and with the cream sauces is like heaven in your mouth!
Everything is just right about this chicken right here and you won't want to eat that cold storage chicken anymore! =X opps

So we order some sides for the chick. 
Which is mashed potato and Mix Sauteed mushroom with somehow got a egg too. 

Ze mashed Potato~ Which was so smooth and nice! Is not watery too! Is probably blended many time.  

Ze Mushroom which left my boyfriend speechless and well eating the whole thing up. 
It has a good mix of mushroom like portobello, Enoki, Button and others. 
I still don't know why there is an egg ther but hey IS AN EGG! EAT IT! 

And also the famous french onion soup! 
Only for people who love onions! because my boyfriend didn't like it. 
Mix of sweet and a bit of salty. add a bit of cracked pepper and is perfect for me XD! 
Really nice! But probably a bit too much after awhile. 

All this and is around $38+ going to $40. Quite worth is for a amazing french ROAST CHICKEN! 

Now, if you wanna go try it out, please try to go during off peak hours if you do not want to queue! 
I just realize that they open more stores now! So instead of just great world and Bugis+ 
There is another 3 more stores! 

But to post for this one. I went to this store. 

201 Victoria Street 
Singapore 188067
Tel : 6509 9411
11.30am to 10pm 

(When you go up the escalator, you can't miss this shop because is right infront of you!)



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