Saving Powder Makueup!!!

So recently... I drop my favorite foundation and cracked it into bits. T^T was so sad that I needed to buy a new one.... which I didn't wanted to. It was expensive and I don't really have the cash for it now. 

See how bad it is... Can't even use it at all!!! (sniff sniff)
Then I remember I saw online somewhere that you can actually save your powder makeup! 
I mean, if you rather save your money then buy a new one, why not try it right! 

So this was the one I remember and Google it out to find it.
So I was desperate... and I went to buy rubbing Alcohol just to try it! 

Seems pretty easy right! Yea thats what I thought too... ok so here is my version. 

So this is what you need in my version! 
The rubbing Alcohol can be purchase at watson and guardian around the pharmacy area where all the bandage and other chemical is. 
Is around $5 if i remember correctly. so yea! beats buying a new one! and you can use it for other things like cleaning stuff! 

- Clear Wrap (the kind which you use to keep your food) 
- Rubbing Alcohol ( It says it needed to be 70% )
- A spatula or something that you can smash and smooth it out. 
- A brush 
- and tissue! to clean!  

Got my cracked powder. and wrap it up like it says so. 

I took a butter knife instead of a spatula and started mashing it up! (This is the fun part hahaha) 

And it will turn out something like this.
(With the wrap) 

(Without the wrap)
Like a whole fine powder altogether. 

and so we add rubbing alcohol next! 
(ok this part is tricky.. because i didn't know how much to put. 
End up I think I put really a lot because you needed to make it into a paste.
Is really not a just a few drop. it was like more then 10 - 20. )

and start to mix is like a paste!!! which is also fun but if you are a perfectionist. good luck. 
You must really add until is a paste everywhere or else is really hard to mix it.

and... TAH DAH! My paste foundation which looks super ugly haha! This is the best I could do! 

and then they say smoother out the edges.. which I don't really see any difference, just brush marks =\ 
Or maybe Im just doing it wrongly. 

Ok so this is how it look like when I put it out to dry! And please air dry it, don't take your hairdryer and blow it. I think it will come out in a mess.
(Ugly hor! LOL) 

and this is after a night pass and it looks like this. Well not like perfect when I first bought it but IS USABLE! I CAN USE IT AGAIN! THE POWDER IS JUST LIKE THE ORIGINAL! 

Hopefully my blog post will help you all for fixing your own makeup! 
Because saving money is a really good feeling! and Saving something! 


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