Ticks and Fleas Buster for your dogs!

Recently I heard this from and old friend mother of my mine which had a really handsome husky! 
And she was saying how is so annoying that the fleas and ticks is everywhere on her dog! 
Yea I know how annoying it is! Even my dog has them! Puteh will usually have only 1 or none but Momo.. is the worst! I have no idea why she have so many! Is like she have been rolling on the dirt all day long!

momo the dirty dog! 

So she was like telling me how her dog usually get more then 20 - 30 fleas!! 
So she told me she heard from her uncle that there a trick to killing these insects! 

(Note: This is people who have gardens or patches of grass in their house. Because for those who goes like outside. Im not sure if you can do it, because is a bit weird.) 

So basically she asked me to buy cigarette! And I was like.. WHAT? CIGARETTES?
and she says is best to buy those without the filter or is already roll up. Why?
Because we don't need the paper! We only want the plant! and.. 

So I ask my boyfriend to buy this, because I have no idea how to buy cigarette.. never want to. 
And is the packet form. which cost roughly $3+ 

So what we are suppose to do with it is that we put the plant in a bucket of water and suppose to let it soak it over night! 

> Tap water
> Fill roughly around 1/4 ~ 1/3 of the bucket
> let is soak over night! 

So it will look something like this. 

And in the morning just pour it over your grass patch! Or wherever your dogs love to go, like the soil and dirt! 

So we tried inspecting our dog for a week. Puteh seems clean! No ticks or fleas at all! 
Momo have at most 2! Which I heard last time was WAYYY MORE! 
It been 2 weeks already and it seems to be working! 

Happy puteh is happy! 

Im so going to buy another one tomorrow so that we can get rid these ticks and fleas once and for all! 

I feel is way cheaper to do this then to buy those medication for them or even seeing doctors when they have too many! So yea! Prevention is better then cure! 

As I was saying about the note above.. I don't think you can go around pouring this solution around public grass patch ._. Who knows, the police may come after you... so yea ><!! 

If you do try it! Tell me if it works for you too! 


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