A short getaway to Jakarta!

So went on a short trip to Jakarta for my friend's wedding! and it was sorta of like a getaway for all of us! YAY! From all those busy studying and work this was like perfect!! I couldn't wait for it!
So 4 of us was going to fly over there and meet Zap and then meet the rest to go to the condotel! XD

So at the hotel Decided to camwhore a bit! Didn't wanted to put lashes so I just use Dollywink mascara! Works like a charm too! 

Ethel who was just trying to relax and taking photos too! 

and bear who just died at the other side 

and my boyfriend.... LOL! 

since it was roughly like a 1 - 2 hr flight there because of delay too! What is there to do in the plane but to chat and camwhore again right =XX 

Weeee I just love the sky and clouds~ Always love to see them when I fly! 

My look for that day. Ok.. i think the eyeliner smudge x-x OPPS this is what happen when I wake up at 5 just to get ready! LOL 

Didn't really take much photos when we were there since it was super fast and fun! But one thing I notice is that EVERYONE FUCK CARE ON DRIVING RULES AND ROAD RULES! IS LIKE FUCK THIS SHIT IM DRIVING BESIDE YOU WITH 1 CM!

It was even more funny when you see a car driving into a merging lane and he was like 'OH FUCK THERE A JAM' HAVE TO GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE! and started to reserve his car back to the next exit! IT WAS FULL OF WIN AND other cars coming in was like oh let me avoid this car. and didn't even CARE! we were just LAUGHING ALL THE WAY! because we didn't know such thing can happen!

 So we went to the condotel and just settled down and went over to the mall near us to buy food. YEA THATS A MUST RIGHT! since there was no 7-11 or store nearby!  
We went to carefour and bought 70SGD worth of stuff for 5 people! IT WAS SOOO MUCH that my friend brought a luggage to carry it back home! HAHAHA! WIN MUCH!  

*Ignore my friend squatting at the back, this was my friend photo from facebook* 

Shall post more about it and about the wedding *-* ONE OF THE MOST GRAND WEDDING I BEEN TO.. MY GOD! 


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