Diner en Blanc : The White Dinner

One of the event that I really wanted to go last year was Diner en Blanc! 
Because is like a giant white dinner/picnic where everyone wear white and you bring food and eat! 
But this year I manage to get invited by my friend Hanisa!! Thank you so much babe ><!! 


Taken from my instagram XD! 
We were on the bus to go to the secret location! 

One thing about this event is that is really a picnic! They are not going to provide you with everything. 
You must bring your own Table, Chairs, Tableware, Food! Almost everything! 
They probably provide only the space for you and some other stuff! Like this year Naked water sponsored for them so we got free water! 

So this is our table! Pretty simple, because I have no idea how am i going to bring all those decoration stuff like vase and all. Next shall be different! Shall make it even nicer! 

It was a really a fun and pretty event! Seeing everyone in white, seeing how they decorate their table and what food they bring! Couples and friends all come together, laughing and having fun! 

It was super windy so taking pictures was kinda hard! Everything was flying too!
*Ps.. this was before I started Gym! I know Im fat >< Losing weight now! XD * 

Another memory for both of us and he really want to come for next year too! So happy that he enjoys things like thing too! Funny thing is that he is probably more "ai mei"(wants to be pretty i think that the translation LOL ) then me XD 

Hanisa Table! XD simple also and it was really funny because she realize she forgot to bring her appetizer and dessert. So meaning she only brought her main course and she was just staring at her date for the first part! Couldn't help it but laugh then gave her food XD!!! She is just sooo cute! 

So we needed to make our own meals because I didn't want to buy the pre menu from them. it was like $100++ bucks... no thanks. I must cook a lovey dovey meal for baby to prove to him that I can cook well! 

Appetizer : Heartshape Corn Pancakes with Smoked duck and Salmon! 

And he like it so much he need to take photo =P Just because is heart shape haha 

after putting the topping is like this! 

Main course :  Cajun chicken wrapped with Bacon.
Mashed potato
Honey glazed baby carrots 
Garlic prawn with green and yellow peppers

Happy baby 8D! because he said everything was nice! (sometime you don't even know is nice anot because guys always say that =X) 

Dessert : Oreo cheesecake in a jar! (Reuse the jar because couldn't find any nice one)  

Really like to cook! and thinking what to cook actually stress me because I want to try so many things! 
Shall cook more often if I got the time. but time is so limited now =(

(Photos was taken from the facebook group and is credit to the photographer from here onwards ^^ since they have much better camera! ) 

During the dinner there was some performance which was super cool! They are balancing on this long pole. 

After that they played the song and we all light up sparkes and there was even surprise fireworks! 

It was really magical!! after that they started to blast club music and it turn into a dance floor! Super Fun and unexpected! 

There were even booth there and this was the photo taking one! XD Baby really wanted to do the heart shape pose. is like this favorite. 

Really Really enjoyed myself! and I so cannot wait for next year! Hanisa and I with my bf and her friend all is like planning to be better for next year! and not screw up anything for this year! XD 

Thank you once again to the Diner en Blanc team! It was such a unforgettable event! 


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