little gifts from Seoul

So my mom went Seoul recently and bought back some stuff for me! Since is way cheaper there then here in Singapore because here is just a VERY EXPENSIVE PLACE! 
So one of my wishlist was the Etude House Princess Etoinette collection. Just anything from that collection and I will be happy because is damn pretty! But sadly they are dis continuing it, sooo ya! My mom found it in Seoul and got it for me <3 nbsp="" p="" yay="">

IS SO PRETTY! and I know this was very long time ago! But only blogging about this now haha 

Honestly Im not really in for the powder but more of the cute container HAHA! 

The highlight heart is cute too but when I try it, is just not giving me the effect I want. I will stick to my daiso white shadow and cream shadow. 

JUST LOOK AT HOW PRETTY IT IS! PRETTY PRETTY! Im just using it for decoration right now =X

I needed a Toner too and so she help me get LANEIGE Power Essential Skin Refiner. 
I never really try LANEIGE products before so this is my first time. 
like their snow BB Soothing cushion is like one of their hot favorite products now but Im too scared to try it because my face just cannot take BB cream. 

So my review for this toner is that it is very good!! I was using Avene toner last time, so this was a bit more strong I feel. Since Avene is really light. 
The perfume in this toner is way stronger but is not a smelly but really nice and refreshing! And it works well since I feel my face cleaner after using it! 

Next is just a few sample pack from Holika Holika! 

Love that brand but now they close their shop and open a small on at Wisma Atria. So many of the products were not on sale. 

So I wanted to try this because is SOO CUTE XD! LOOK AT IT!!! 

There is 3 step for it!! and I shall review about it in another blog post WAHAHA! XD too many photos.  

Lastly, A lip stain from Etude house again! Color Pop!!

Im so into gradient lips right now because of my friend Pei Ting!! She makes me like it so much so Im just buying lipstick, lipstains and lipgloss XD! 
The one my mom got for me is #09 Wonder Pop.
Which I know the number is different from here. 

So here a different photo! Mine is #09 which is the 4th one! 

and here is how it looks when tried on my hand XD! 
What I like about this Lip stain, Is not watery neither isit very thick! 
Easy to spread around the lips and  is quite lasting!! 
Not like when you drink from a cup and then bye bye lip colour. 

So go and try it Im sure you all will like it! 

 me trying to achieve that look XD!! but ok I think I failed! Still learning in process!! BEAR WITH ME PLEASE!! 

Thanks for reading!! And see you again soon!! Need to blog more but am too busy with my current work right now =(( So, bear with me and I shall post more stuff and FOOD! WAHAHA FOOD COMING YOUR WAY SOON! 


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