Evening wedding look with KOJI Spring Heart eyelash!

Quite a old pictures because this was taken last month! When Vincent sister just got married! 

Homg she is my age and she is already married O-O;; and my cousin also my age is already married and her wedding dinner is this December! EVERYONE IS GETTING MARRIED O-O;;; 

Oh well lets put that aside.. So wanted to wear this black dress which I got it for ages but I didn't find the right occasion to wear. So this shall be it since Im suppose to match with Vin! 

Blur due to the lack of light in the rest room, but here is a full view of it! Added the pink belt so that I look thinner 8D! And to make the dress look like is not all black.

Taken again once more outside! because I miss taking photos with Vin! He is so fun to take photo with! 

So this is the look I created for the evening! Wanted to try something new and have fun~ 
So decided to use Spring Heart Eyelash from Koji to come out with something! 

Still not use to bottom lash, so sorry about that! I need to practice more!

So for eyelash base Im using Koji Spring Heart Sexy Rich NO. 14 

Which is looks like this, taken from KOJI website.

The lash is harder then dolly wink lashes because of their base and I find it harder to clean too. 
However Their curls stay longer and is more dramatic then dolly wink lashes. So it give a more evening look.   

For bottom lash I use Melliesh Eyelash 05 
*Somehow I think their website is gone or something.. I cannot find melliesh main website anymore... Anyone know what isit?* 

I never really wear a lot of bottom lash. As I prefer to use mascara. 
I would comment that Melliesh 05 is really define and strong so is much more dramatic then just putting on mascara.  
Same kind of base with dolly wink so is easy to put glue and is not heavy. 
*is my skills and my glue and my eyes that make one side always come off T-T* 

I match it up with Kimchi Viva Violet Contact Lens. 

Top lash - Koji Spring Heart Sexy Rich NO. 14 
Bottom Lash Melliesh Eyelash 05 
Eye shadow - Dolly Wink Cream Eye shadow Gold  
With Coastal Scents PRISMPalette for the purple and pink eye shadows. 
Eyeliner - Dolly wink liquid Eyeliner Deep Black 
Contact lens - Kimchi Viva Violet Contact Lens. 

Hope you like my evening dinner look! 
I'm still trying out many more looks to experiment and see which one I really like XD!  

Once again congrats to Vincent's Sister Joey! Wish you a happily ever after with Tianhong!  


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