Gyaru girl day out! Department of Caffeine and Truffs

Went out with my gyaru babes last week for a get together session again! 
but sadly Peiting couldn't come! I miss her!! 
But this time I get to meet Ashley after SOOOO LONG! YAY HAPPY! 
Went to dress up and couldn't wait to meet them!! 

So himeko told us to go to another cafe If I remember it was called talent cafe. but when we reach there it was close D8! Argghhh! 
and we went to another one near china town and it was ALSO CLOSE! homg! we had no luck at all LOL! 

We were all like sad!! but it was ok! At least we still have backup! So we decided to check if Department of Caffeine was open! And lucky it was! Took be quite a while to find it thou because it was hidden at the corner. *Hint > is the first shop on the road* 

I was excised to come here actually after seeing Facebook and other people commenting about it. 
Wanted to really try their brunch!! 
When we got there, we check out their menu and we took quite long to pick. Not know what to have we just stare at it for awhile. 

Aki was going to join us later so we thought that have something light here first then go to truffs later for cake! Since Dep of Caffeine didn't have much desserts or cake at their counter.

I ordered their Hot Chocolate to try while Ashley and Himeko went to order their Dory dippers! 
*Don't be fooled by the name babyccino! I wanted to order that but they warn me that the cup was a espresso size cup* 

I just love their cup and the colour of it =3! 
Their Hot Chocolate cost $5

Overall for their hot chocolate is mediocre. Not the best I had but also not the worst I had. Could have been taste better. 

Then came their Dory Dippers! This cost $8 

This was good, soft in the inside and outside was crispy. However to us, it was quite expensive. But oh well! Just to try, shall spend for it! 

So after that Aki came and we all decided to make our way to Truffs which himeko show us on her phone! Looks like a awesome place to have cakes! YAY CAKES! 

ONE THING ABOUT THIS PLACE! IS ALSO HARD TO FIND!! is on the second level too so you must really spot it! And it was like near chinatown in one of the shophouses road! So we were both using our navigation and it was telling us 2 different places! It was really funny! We took roughly 10-15 min just to find the place XD!

So we arrived at Truffs!! And the first thing you will see is this! This is the sign! that you know you are at the right place! Opps sorry is abit blur! 

and then there these stairs that you need to climb to get your chocolate cake!

Once there you will see this huge jar of chocolate! Is like a greeting 8D! Im going to overload you with CHOCOLATE! 

and of course their name TRUFFS!

The whole place is a bit small but yet really classy and clean! 

So we got a table and then saw their menu O-O; 
and was like hmmmm something is wrong... 3 dessert only? really? hmmmmm $11 bucks too.. hmmmm 

So me and Ashley just went to the counter and ask to like reconfirm. and it was really true LOL! 
So we agreed lets just order the cake and we share! Since is $11, we have no idea how big or small it is but we don't want to eat that much. 

Himeko ordered the Truff's Truffles and a Truffs Ice Chocolate! 
While Aki ordered the Truff's Earl Grey Chocolate Tart and a Truffs Ice chocolate. 
Me and Ashley being cheap skate ordered just a truffs' chocolate cake! XD 

The Truff's Truffles! 

Truff's Ice Chocolate 

Truff's Earl Grey chocolate Tart! Homg this was nice! There was a hint of Early grey and the crumble is soo good! 

AND BEHOLD! OUR CHOCOLATE CAKE! Which was actually quite big! 
So this is what you get with $11 bucks! XD A big chocolate cake! 

Putting all 3 together! From my instagram XD 

Comparing to the tart! it was at least 3 times bigger XD 

It was really good, super chocolaty with the chocolate sponge cake being just right and not wet. 
It was really super good! However after a while... we couldn't finish it! 
It was like overload with too much chocolate XD But is good!  

So after chatting and all, Ashley and Me needed to go so we just HAD to camwhore! 

We my beloved pretty Hime gyaru Ashley!

Himeko and Aki! 

Love ya all!! Need to go out and eat again! and this time with peiting!!! 

See you again!! XD Will blog more often! 


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