Jakarta Day 2! My friend's wedding!

So next part of my Jakarta trip! We went down is for a friend's wedding. So we had to get ready that night for the wedding which we have no idea where it is! 

Tried my best in my hair and everything with no hair dryer X-X so it was quite hard! 
and did a bit of makeup for ethel for the first time because she never did it before!

So we made our way down from a bus that the groom provided and we were just looking out thinking where is the place! Probably some place really grand!! The driver got lost for while but then when we arrived at the place the bus filled with Singaporeans was like O-O! WAHHHH AND WE WERE ALL LIKE MOUNTAIN TORTOISE because we didn't know a place this grand!

Really culrtral shock here because it not the same as singapore and we have no idea what to do! So we just went in and was TOTALLY BLUR! 

The wedding hall was really nice! but one thing we just notice first was the buffet stalls that was at the side and we just stared at it.. 

Even their back drop is sooo nice! With so many flowers and everything!! ahhh 

believe me.. this is a first time i see a camera crew this big in a wedding! Really salute our boss here! 

And their wedding cake!! Wahhh XDD 

So being us, we do not know what to do we went to a corner and have our dinner and camwhore XD 

Must post this photo up! This is like the first time she wore a dress for us! and i think her 3rd time ever wearing one! so yea ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCK! 

A photo of both of us together! and someone photobomb us behide the 2nd photo XD

 And the couple we met at this trip! really sweet and fun people!

GUILD PICTURE 8D!! but without Boss void. because he is too busy.


Yes i pose awkwardly because I have no idea why but they all keep leaning forward O-O... but heck just post this because I miss them! XD 

 With adam! He became so slim XD so suit you! 

Yes yes and must take with baby or else he jealous! 

and camera shy Judson! WHYYY YOU SO SHY! 

Ethel and Me!! XD 

The 2 best man! First time seeing you 2 in formal! Really surprise and you two really look good XD 

In the end it was super fun and it was really funny because when the whole thing ended they started to play tomorrowland music HAHA! and the friends just sit in one row drinking wine out from the bottle! 
Thanks for inviting us once again Boss void! 
Congrats on your wedding and have a happy marriage life! 

*now.. when is my turn =X* 


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