Paris Baguette

Short blog post!! Really old photo but still this year 8D! 
however just didn't had time to blog earlier and mid this year. 
So shall blog now because Paris Baguette is awesome!! I went there for a few time and my mom even bought the pudding for me back but somehow.. I just can't find the photos.. I don't know why... 
So the next time I go back and have anything there I shall take photos and make sure I save it and faster blog to show all of my readers! BECAUSE FOOD IS AWESOME!
First up is their must buy must try item!! THEIR ROYAL PUDDING! 

comparing real life to the one on their website! 
We bought the original one because we actually tried their mango and one more flavor i think was strawberry. All was awesome! 
It cost roughly $4+ 

Showing you the size of the pudding with Vin! 
When you take away the pudding they will give you this ice pack bag so that you can bring it hope and it will still be cold! 

Vin was so happy to be eating it again XD because he just love the milky taste of it! 
The texture is really smooth too and is really sweet! 

We also ordered the strawberry Mille-Feuille aka Oh~ My baby crepe! Which I always wanted to try!
Layer by layer with cream in-between! Mmmm I just love how it taste like! 
This roughly cost around $7 

To me is like eating a stacking pancakes with cream!!! 

And to show what i was wearing that day! I bought this at KL at around $8! Love it!! 
I always wanted one but didn't get the chance to buy. 

Yup really old right! when my hair was still yellowish blonde and there was no hint of pink yet! 
The photos was that old =X SORRY!!!  

Don't kill me k! Just go to Paris Baguette and eat really nice pudding and cake 8D! 

Paris Baguette 
435 Orchard Road 
#02-48/53 Wisma Atria 
Singapore 239977
Tel : 6836 2010

Opening Hours : 10am - 10pm Daily 


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