Puteh and MoMo 2013!

My lovely two bitches that I adore in the world! Of course I love Puteh more then Momo because she is my dog and the one I choose her XD! So this post is dedicated to both of them and it shall be a massive spam of photos of my two bitches and their cuteness!

Momo and her underbite!
It just too cute! 

When Momo sleep her tongue sticks out XD 

The flipper which loves tummy rubs! 

The cute yawner! 

She also love to explore and always get herself lock outside my balcony.  The face she give when she realize the door is close.  

Found her sleeping in my wardrobe too. 

Well she is still cuter like this! 

Puteh is always minding her own business! 

However she almost come to my pillow and claim is hers. 

and if you chase her away, she give you this death stare. 

Or she sleep on Vincent the kapibara. 

She does have her unglam side like momo too. 

Morning hair!

When is raining and there is really loud thunder she become so cuddly! because she is scared too 

she loves boxes too. 

When they take the driver seat they are SO HAPPY! 

Love this two to bits!!! Make my life more lively and fun!

I love you both, even if you two are just soo nua and lazy all the time!  


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