Virgin Active Fitness Club!

I been wanting to blog this for really long already! The only reason why it took so long is because Im still taking photos of the place! =X like the male toilet. Which Im asking Vincent to take photos!
So I just join a gym (LIKE FINALLY) which took me so many consideration of other gyms and location. 

After my best friend Trish intro my virgin gym, i went down to take a look at their show room. 
At that point of time which is around September, the actual gym was not yet open. 
So they had a showroom at one raffles place at level 4. which was just a room with some equipment. 
After meeting up with Glen, I was sold by it and I just went to register for me and Vincent for their membership! And when it finally open, we both didn't regret it! 

(most photos were taken from my phone, or else is from websites. ) 

So their main lobby, which have the cafe and resting area. So this is how Level 6 looks like! 

There is also a sleeping pod room, meeting room and boxing room at level 6! 

On to the 5th floor which will lead you to the locker rooms, showers, the yoga room, and the relax and recovery zone.

The female locker room, which they also supply gym wear like the top, short and also socks! (You need to bring your own shoes) and of course TOWELS! small and big! 

and on to the lockers! 

how a usual normal locker looks like. there also the normal kind which doesn't have the hangers just a box for your things. 

Locker room facilities includes Charging zone, weight scale, Ironing or steaming of clothes. 

There is 2 ironing point too at the female locker. Not sure for the male one. One have a steamer too! 

There are table with mirror equip with hairdryers and straighter!   

Their hairdryer is actually really good. Is even better then my home o-0

They also provide you with cotton wool and buds! With their body lotion and a deodorant!

The shower area is pretty nice too with many showers cubicles. At least 25+! 

With 2 kind of showers! Rainwater shower! 

Shampoo and bath soap is also provided! 

Now the male locker room! Vincent help me took these! 
Not sure if is smaller or bigger since I never been inside. 

The guys don't have chairs XD! and all stand up to blow their hair! 

They don't have cotton wool but they have this hair wax/conditioner thing from what Vincent said. 

Now on to level 7! The gym area With many treadmills, bikes, Elliptical, steppers and cross trainers.

Also includes Kinesis both level 6 and level 7! 

Body building weights and free weights! 

Monkey bars and everything else is here! 

The place where I go and train up mostly is here. 

Now on to my favorite part after training! Relax and Recovery Zone! 

Juice bar with foot relaxation area. 

Steam and Ice room! 

Power showers! Even with ice cold bucket of water! 

and a salt room which I always forgot to take photo. 
So here one from their website! 
Looks almost alike just that the colour of the wall are different! 

So this is basically the facilities for Virgin Active and Im really glad I sign up! 
You will even get a ignition at the start which a trainer will ask you some question about your goals and they will tell you whats the best workout for you to achieve it. And get the Technogym key!

Been there for 2 month already and I'm still loving that place!

 Even thou is a bit more pricey then other gyms or public one but I feel is worth it. 

and is way better for my leg injury from the surgery i had last year 

 Since I still cannot run or do any pressure exercise on my foot. 

Virgin Active Fitness Club 
Level 6 Tower 2 
One Raffles Place 
Singapore 048616

6908 7878

Monday - Friday : 6.30am - 10.30pm
Saturday, Sunday and public holidays : 10.00am - 5pm 


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