Staycation at Marina Bay Sands

Had a staycation for my birthday from my parents! 
Since they asked if I wanted a party but I said Nah I prefer to relax somewhere else instead of hosting a party. So my parents help me book a room at MBS! Yay!!
Usually my rooms are shred with friends due to events and others but this time is mine! But I did invite people over again XD. 

Well is not really traveling but hey, is still better then nothing!! and I do love staycation! because is Singapore and their hotels are awesome!  

Did light makeup because I know I wanted to swim that day! No fake lashes or mascara just eyeliner! 

Went to MBS around 3pm to check in with Vincent! It was packed with people! The pool was worst! Feels like I went to a public pool with tons of people in it! 

 My cousin help me book the room so we had a chance to go to the SANDS LOUNGE! 
 Thank you once again cousin pat!! 

Super classy place with really awesome perks like free water, coffee, tea and snacks =X 
Well we are Singaporeans! Who doesn't like free stuff! 

Despite having free stuff and having a comfy couch to sit.. all he cares is bought his game =\ oh well.

So after getting the room! Up we go to the 36th floor!  
And to my surprise we got a Premier Room instead of the Dekuxe!! 
Whats the difference? I GOT A BATHTUB HAHAHA! YAY! 

And a lovely view to match with it !!! 

SEE THE BATHTUB!! I just love bathtub! I so want one next time when I have a place! 

Is like going to a hot spring but is not =X oh well I can always imagine! 

 Toilets with a lot of towels and amenities! 

Camwhore while waiting for our friends to come over 8D!!! Love you so much baby!! 

 Had a wonderful stay at MBS which was so much fun! Sadly it was only for one night so yea... =( short trip. Got some friends over and we just went to the pool to have fun and sit in the hot Jacuzzi wahaha!! 
and funny at the end my dinner with vincent was cup noodles and microwave wanton soup because we were lazy to go out and my friends had to go to another party!!

I so cannot wait for my next Staycation!!
 Hopefully it will come soon!! Lets see which hotel will it be this time 


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