So this was 4 days late! I also didn't have time to wish everyone a merry Christmas! Since I was so busy on that week with GE3 and Celebrations! I hope everyone had a happy holidays! 

I still have a lot of things to blog about! Lets see here a list! 

-Christmas 2013
- GE3 
- New year Eve Celebration 
- Laneige Water Sleeping Pack Ex
-  Of course everyone did it too MY RESOLUTION FOR THIS YEAR XD 
- DRX Clinic and my face condition 
- 100happydays! 

there is still many more but here is my list for now T-T oh god!!! so many! 

I hope everyone has been stuffing themselves because of the holiday period! I know I gain some weight because of it. 

all you do is eat and eat and eat! EAT ALL THE HAM AND TURKEY! 

I shall get started with my other blog post! but for now 

HAPPY 2014! 


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