Kapibara Ring!

My birthday present this year by Vincent is something which really shocked me!! 
He presented it to m at the stay cation! 

When he handled this to me I really didn't even have the slightest clue what he was going to get me. Usually I will have a feeling or some sort. 

I was in shock and I think I stone for a moment and then a big smile just appear BECAUSE I SAW THE WORD KAPIBARASAN! HOMG LOOK AT THE BOX! 

This is what I took at the hotel but I wanted to take nicer photo of it! 

Went home and had a photo shoot for it using my light box! 

Just looking at it makes me sooo happy!!!

However the pearl is just weird... is just one huge white ball on a ring stick. 

I don't think is pure gold or anything BUT WHO CARES IS A KAPIBARA! 


Vincent keep saying let it crawl all over my finger XD 

Really look like it!! haha Sooo cute!!! Tiny but SOOO CUTE!!! 

Funny how some people don't notice it because is quite small but up close is really pretty! 

Thank you once again baby for getting me this >< I really love the ring so much! I almost wanted to buy it for myself! XD! 

I really cannot get enough of kapibaras!!! 


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